Kevin Rudd

Tough atop the political tree

Politics is a ruthless business, where poor performers are quickly found out and (more often than not) moved on.

Labor leader short on connection

The findings of the royal commission into unions, particularly as they apply to Labor leader Bill Shorten, may yet extract a political price.

Rudd not asked to ‘own’ his role

One crucial question was missing from the excellent TV documentary The Killing Season, and it goes to the heart of the matter.

Stains remain among Labor’s dirty laundry

It matters not whom one believes in the ABC documentary The Killing Season, the answer’s the same for Labor.

Fraser fell for Chinese trap

Although not alone in doing so, Malcolm Fraser’s failure to acknowledge the crimes against the Chinese people by the tyrannical Mao Tse-tung diminish his legacy.

Sub-sized fleet can’t do the job

Australia needs a submarine fleet of 24 to cover the nation’s future needs.

Captain’s call just an educated guess

A remarkable similarity is evident in the leadership styles of Australia’s past three prime ministers.

Labor’s bitter past resurfaces

Julia Gillard’s autobiography has poured salt into a few old wounds.

Unpopularity a fact of life for Abbott

There may be some disquiet about the performance of the government (and Tony Abbott) in the first year in the coalition party room, but the PM isn’t likely to give ground in the leadership stakes.

Palmer lets ‘team business’ down

The Palmer United Party is proving that success in business doesn’t equal sense in politics.

One way or another, we’re going to pay

For all its much-criticised cuts the federal budget fails to address the core issue of spending.

LNG sector braces for worker shortages

The resources sector will struggle to find enough skilled workers to drive production on the LNG plants expected to come on-stream in the next few years.

Abbott, Hockey’s mañana moment

The Abbott government has put off making the really tough decisions in its first budget.

Start-ups stall as capital cools

SPECIAL REPORT: Falling government support and fewer funding deals are having a pincer effect on Perth’s emerging start-up sector.

Instability stalks Liberals

Bad economic news and some personnel mismanagement are putting pressure on Colin Barnett’s leadership.

Where are the quiet achievers?

The public may claim to dislike ‘personality politics’, but evidence of our obsession with image is all around us.

Second chance one too many

Kevin Rudd should have stayed gone when his party pushed him from the PM’s office, so now it’s up to the voters to deliver the message.

Tough times for a polarising premier

From council amalgamations to Elizabeth Quay, power prices to ballooning debt, Colin Barnett faces criticism whichever way he turns.

Northern WA could get tax breaks: PM

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says plans to introduce tax concessions and incentives in the Northern Territory could be extended to northern Western Australia and Queensland.

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Business News for Western Australia. Monday August 5. Jessica Taylor reports. Election campaign kicks off. Strait Resources to sell Indonesian mine. Northern Star Resources reports record profit and more.

Today's Video News

Business News video update for Friday July 26. Shanna Crispin reports. Kevin Rudd visits WA. Rental growth outperforms home values. Kalgoorlie Mining Company takeover nears completion and more.

Rudd pitches to unions in Perth visit

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has made a pre-election pitch to union members in his first visit to Perth since dramatically reclaiming the leadership of the federal Labor Party last month.