30/08/2017 - 14:59

Shark Mitigation Systems go direct to US retailers for shark tech

30/08/2017 - 14:59


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ASX-listed Shark Mitigation Systems has launched its breakthrough anti-shark technology known as “SAMS” directly into the US water sports market, rolling it out to more than 200 US surf stores. SAMS are a series of proprietary stripes that can be attached to marine apparel for the purposes of deterring a shark or camouflaging the wearer.

Shark Mitigation Systems go direct to US retailers for shark tech
Shark Mitigation Systems "SAMS" shark deterrent technology

ASX listed Shark Mitigation Systems are accelerating the rollout of their game-changing anti-shark technology known as “SAMS”.

SAMS manifests itself in the form of a series of proprietary patterns that can be applied to marine apparel such as wetsuits and other maritime equipment including surfboards.

The patterns are designed to either deter sharks or camouflage the wearer.

Shark Mitigation Systems this week announced the global launch of their direct-to-market strategy for the SAMS technology.

The company said its marine grade vinyl stickers that are embedded with the patented SAMS technology are now available in more than 200 surf stores across the US and are targeted at riders of surfboards, body boards and stand up paddle boards.

Following the US summer, management said the next step in the global rollout of the product would be to focus on spring in Australia, which is historically the peak period of shark attacks in the Oceania region.

The thick, distinctive SAMS stripes were created by Shark Mitigation Systems after they extensively researched shark vision, behaviour and neurology in partnership with the University of W.A.

They are aimed at providing some comfort to the 28 million surfers, body-boarders and stand up paddle-boarders worldwide who are increasingly becoming aware of the threat posed by sharks.

The SAMS designs returned solid results in testing at the University of WA, with live trials showing it took 400 per cent longer, on average, for sharks to engage with SAMs embedded wetsuits than the ordinary black neoprene variety.

Shark Mitigation Systems General Manager, Simon O’Sullivan said;  “We are very excited to be able to provide a direct-to-market option for our SAMS technology.  With an estimated global market of more than 20 million surfers, 6 million body boarders and the expanding segment of nearly 3 million stand up paddlers, the opportunity for a low-cost application to potentially reduce the chance of a negative shark interaction is enormous.”

“We have received strong interest for the product from those areas that have seen an increase in shark activity, particularly California, Florida, Hawaii and Australia.”

In a recent market update, the company also said it had started an integrated online marketing campaign to assist in driving global sales for its in-store and e-commerce strategy.

This week’s announcement follows recent positive news that Shark Mitigation Systems had inked a deal with Southern Californian production company, Boardlams, to fast track the rollout of its SAMS system into the huge US water sports market

The ASX-listed junior has also signed a licencing agreement with iconic Aussie surf brand Rusty for SAMS.

The company’s other main product, Clever Buoy, detects sharks and transmits a signal via satellite to alert lifeguards on the beach to the presence of sharks. It was successfully trialled at Sydney’s Bondi Beach last year.


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