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The Olympics are over… but on markets, things are about to “heat up”….

A banana thrown at Eddie Betts… The IOC apologies to the 10 athletes who were thrown in a Brazilian jail… The Aussie team’s “hit & misses”….

If a company reports a $8 billion loss, should the CEO receive a $13M pay check?

BHP’s $8 Billion loss is casting doubt on its CEO getting paid well over $10M in cash and incentives…

BHP reports a $6.4 Billion loss but is it a “buy”?

BHP had its worst half in over 50 years as the miner posted a “huge” loss ($6.4 billion) on write-downs in Brazil.

Global volatility is at record lows… is this the “calm” before the storm?

Another very busy day ahead for us with the RBA minutes and BHP, BKN, CGF and WBC to name some of the big names set to report…

AUS reporting season moves into “2nd gear”…. What can we expect?

The Olympics has certainly been entertaining and yes, the Hawks are still on top of the ladder (just).

Party like its 1999?

It surely has been another busy weak, as the AUS reporting season has gathered steam….

Will a win in the Basketball vs. the USA, lead to stock market outperformance?

Just like the stock market, the Americans are “hurting” us once again…

The census… is your information really secure?

An eventful night for the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) with the website down, following the Census due to “hacking” concerns?

Will BEN’s positive earnings drive the banking sector higher? Does “positive announcement drift” actually work?

China has had a big night in the medal tally, however, in about 20 minutes, our Aussie girls are going for Gold in the rugby 7s vs. New Zealand….

Will the Olympics lift the stock market?

The AUS reporting season gathers steam with a number of the big names reporting….

Bank of England cuts growth forecasts… is Brexit really over?

So the Bank of England cut growth forecasts by the most ever and announced a large stimulus, as policy makers unveiled a stimulus package aimed at containing the fallout from the U.K.’s secession vote.

RIO posts a 50% fall in earnings… but will the stock go up.. or down today?

The last two days on the ASX have been tough, losing ~ 120 points, however, we should have a strong start today, with the SPI + 28

Glenn... Thanks but no thanks...

So… Glenn Stevens listened to us and cut interest rates to a record low of 1.5%.

All eyes on the RBA as they cut today….

Today, our friends at the RBA meet to decide whether to cut official interest rates…. Over 70% of economists surveyed suggest that they will cut interest rates.We tend to agree… With inflation sitting near record lows and consumer & business confidence not improving, the RBA will cut interest rates today by 25bp

August is here and let’s get set for the AUS reporting season….

Good Morning, “A pinch and a punch”… yes, it’s the first day of the month… and boy, do we have a busy month ahead. So July was a very good month for equities…Brexit… what Brexit? A potential “hung-parliament”… who cares…. Japanese stimulus that failed to stimulate growth and a Chinese market rippled by debt….

Why is the AUD important for the XJO index?

We’ve had a great few days on markets, however, we see the recent rally losing “some steam”, as the reporting season heats up.

Is 2016 the year of the Gold, the Silver or the Lithium?

Global markets are being extremely resilient, especially with so much uncertainty…

Will the recent global events hurt markets?

The Lira fell the most in 8 years, transportation stocks fell and the Turkish index futures plummeted … down 7% in after-hours trading…

Global Markets rally as Oil higher...

U.S. stocks extended gains at an all-time high (Dow +134 points), amid corporate results that pointed to resilience in the global economy, while Treasuries slid with the yen as speculation central banks will add to stimulus sapped demand for havens.

Why is today an important day for Australia?

Today is an important day for Australia… No, we are not talking about last night’s state of origin win by the NSW team or Turnball elected for a 2ndterm…

Britain has a new Prime Minister… with a lot of work to do…

Good Morning, Britain is about to have a new Prime Minister… Theresa May will join “the hot seat” on Wednesday, with a lot to prove and a few “things” on her to do list…This will only be seen as good news for markets, as just like Australia forming government in the past 24 hours, markets can now focus on underlying macro-related issues So what happened last night?