Food & Wine


Jerry Fraser can shuck oysters with the best of them and has built quite a reputation for himself in his short time in Perth, as Julie-anne Sprague reports.

Simon’s says go alfresco

RENOVATIONS to create a new-look cafe section at Simon’s Seafood Restaurant are complete and include a stylish Italian pizza oven.


OH the outdoor life. My day of rest this weekend was spent lending a hand to a couple of aspiring local vignerons that needed to attend to their bird problem.


City dwellers prone to a purchase or two at a continental deli rejoice. One of the city’s best has opened a new outlet, as Julie-anne Sprague reports.

Competition’s good for business

THE news that Umberto Tinelli is opening a new restaurant, Rigoletto, just minutes away from his former establishment, Campo de Fiori (now known as Gala Restaurant), does not worry Gala’s new owners Hans Lang and Marianne Kempf.


On his way back down south for another vintage David Pike turns his mind to the weighty topic of the emergence of regionality in WA’s wine growing centres.

School’s in for WA’s top chefs

BEV Sprague’s Amano Cooking School is getting ready for its first classes in March.


For the likes of David Pike the festive season doesn’t end with the New Year, as this week’s invitation to summer fun, music, food and wine indicates.


There’s nothing like immersing yourself in a culture to discover the wonders of its culinary traditions, and an upcoming visit to Italy is bound to appeal, as Julie-anne Sprague reports.


A Perth chef has brought a little touch of class back to the preparation of a fine cup of coffee with the arrival from Belgium of the Royal Coffeemaker, as Julie-anne Sprague reports.

New name in Applecross

COULD there soon be a new restaurant in Applecross? There has been talk for some time that the former Heathcote Hospital site, with its exceptional views, would be a good home for a restaurant. Gusto has heard that two prominent Perth restaurateurs have

Gusto Vino

With the sun setting on the festive season David Pike turns his mind to pre-season training for its return next year and the contemplation of some Tasmanian offerings.


It has been a big year for foodies in Perth with a few famous names moving on and some new trends emerging on the local scene, as Julie-anne Sprague reports.

Consumers want their food healthy and fast

CONSUMERS are forcing major take-away chains to offer more choices and a greater variety of healthy food items. The appearance of salads, wraps, and baguettes at some of the world’s major fast-food chains has been brought about by a change in consumers’

Taking a bite into the lunch trade

O’BRIENS Irish Sandwich Bar opened its first Australian store in West Perth this week. The global franchise has more than 200 stores and its operation has been brought to Australia by Perth businessman Rob Moran and his Sydney-based business partner Brya

Gusto vino

With what has been a big year in wine coming to a close, David Pike takes the opportunity to reflect on what 2002 had to offer for lovers of the grape.

Surfing story has sweet ending

AS far as Martin Black is concerned, owning his own chocolate company took a lot more work than was the case for the fictional young chap called Charlie who inherited Willy Wonka’s chocolate empire in the famous children’s story.

Headaches continue from failed merger

IT is difficult to know which of the two prospective partners would’ve been more disappointed, at the time, by the failure of merger negotiations between Hotham Wines and Barrington Estate.

Retailer at liberty to profit from liquor

LIQUOR retailer Patrick Stephenson continues to profit from his Liberty Liquors venture, close to a year after selling the business to national supermarket giant Woolworths.


Wine as the winemakers intend, that’s the thinking behind the growing adoption of Stelvin Closures. David Pike opens the debate.

Full bottle on wine services

WINE services is shaping up as the new battleground in WA’s fast maturing wine industry, with two groups spending millions on bottling plants in Perth’s southern suburbs.