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Repairing the Relationship

Repairing the Relationship

Timing is Key

The decision to bring forward a redundancy by eight days has resulted in a ruling by the Federal Circuit Court that a company contravened the general protection provisions afforded under the Fair Work

Avoiding a Discrimination Claim - The “Inherent Requirements” Defence

An employee who reasonably believes they have been discriminated against by their employer for illness or injury may pursue an unlawful discrimination claim under the general protection provisions of

"A fundamental failure of leadership"

In the past week both the co-founder and CEO of Uber, Mr Travis Kalanick and the CEO of WA’s Child and Adolescent Health Service have vacated their roles following damning independent workplace invest

Alcohol and the Workplace- Not a good mix

Attending work under the influence of alcohol will likely justify dismissal.

What does a leprechaun's pot of gold and a unfair dismissal have in common?

When people are fired in this post-mining boom economy they now invariably want their job back, or at least a large compensation payout – something akin to a Leprechaun’s pot of gold.

Don't be too quick to dismiss

When it comes to employee misconduct, employers are often caught up in the emotion and quick to infer guilt.