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As editor, Mark oversees the day-to-day online news at Business News. His particular brief is following major deals, the professions and private/family businesses. Mark has 35 years' career experience, primarily in business journalism. Before becoming a journalist, he was an economist with the Commonwealth Treasury in Canberra. He has worked for The Australian Financial Review and The West Australian, and also has public relations and corporate affairs experience. 

Super funds to tread carefully

TRUSTEES of superannuation funds need to tread very carefully if they offer an ethical or socially responsible investment option, the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Corporate Law and Securities Regulation has warned.

Crunch time for boomers

AUSTRALIANS aged from 50 to 64 years have accumulated an average wealth of $240,000, the majority of which is in the family home, a new report has found.

Margin lending caution prevails

MARGIN lending is not the high-risk activity of popular mythology, judging by the latest Reserve Bank analysis of the market.Total margin lending grew by 32 per cent over the 12 months to March 2002, to reach $9.7 billion.

Marketing mileage for winning fund managers

A POPULAR marketing tool for fund managers these days is to publicise the awards they have won.This suits many fund managers because there are numerous awards waiting to be picked up.

Variety of successful styles

THE two big winners in the latest fund manager awards, UBS Global Asset Management (UBS) and Perpetual Investments, come from very different backgrounds.

Working long-term goals in with immediate needs

WITH June 30 approaching, many investors start to focus on ways of managing their looming tax bill.This short-term imperative is often seen to be at odds with the longer-term goals of building wealth or generating higher investment income.

LICs offer blue chip guide

WHEN major companies like Telstra and Mayne experience a sharp fall in their share price, investors trying to build a ‘blue chip’ share portfolio can be excused for feeling exasperated.

Extreme variety in hedge fund returns

RETURNS from Australian-based hedge funds varied from as high as 31.6 per cent to minus 8.3 per cent last year, a new study has found.The performance of hedge funds covered by the survey shows the very wide variation in returns.

Funds deliver wide range of returns: study

A STUDY of long-term investment returns produced by fund managers has found substantial variation.

A decade of lower returns

INVESTORS should expect substantially lower returns from all major markets over the coming decade, fund manager Perpetual has warned.

Rates rise on the cards

THE Reserve Bank was expected to lift official interest rates after its board meeting this week.Whether it moved this week, or next month, it is inevitable that rates will increase over the rest of the year.

DIY super growth continues

AUSTRALIA currently has more than 230,000 do-it-yourself superannuation funds and the number is growing by about 18,000 each year.What is the attraction of this rapidly growing sector and how appropriate is DIY super for most investors?

Control and flexibility of family DIY funds proves a potent mix

RUNNING a DIY superannuation fund can be costly, time consuming and entails significant legal responsibilities.What, then, are the benefits that attract so many investors to DIY super?

Resource sector stocks find favour with specialist funds

INVESTORS in resource stocks have generally enjoyed strong returns over the past three years.

Going private

MACQUARIE Bank is offering retail investors an opportunity to buy in to a new private equity fund, the Macquarie Private Equity Trust II.

Battle begins over interests conflict

AN American stockbroker once told me: “If people really knew what we get up to on Wall Street, we would all be in a lot of trouble”.

Scheme promoters jump back in the saddle

Much maligned in recent times, tax-effective schemes in the agriculture sector appear set to make a comeback, although in a streamlined form, as Mark Beyer reports on pages 6, 7 & 8.

Barriers cleared

THE Australian Tax Office has had a dramatic impact on the tax-effective investment sector over the past two years.However, participants in new projects can feel confident that a favourable tax regime will apply to their investments.

Call for improved regulation

THE current regulatory structure for agricultural investment schemes is inadequate and could lead to a re-run of the unscrupulous practices of the mid-1990s, research group van Eyk Capital has warned.

Oversupply threatens premium olive market

THE olive industry has grown rapidly over recent years and nearly a dozen olive projects are currently being marketed to investors.

Fertile ground for growth

WHEN mining giant WMC decided last year to offload its gold business, it created new growth opportunities for other mining companies.

Stockbrokers leading the charge in capital raisings

EQUITY capital raisings (initial public offerings, placements and rights issues) represent one of the key segments in the corporate finance market.

No fear as Argonaut sets its course

TOP Perth corporate adviser Charles Fear is setting up his own business under the name Argonaut Capital.Argonaut will be one of the few corporate advisory groups that does not target the mining and technology sectors.

Performance the meter by which advisers are gauged

GRESHAM Advisory Partners appears to have a privileged position in the corporate advisory market.

Who's Who in Corporate Finance in Perth

A handful of stockbrokers are lead managers for the vast bulk of capital raisings for WA Companies.

Free float to shake shares

THE introduction of a new system for calculating ASX indices will have major implications for some of Australia’s biggest companies.

Investment decisions may come down to a controlling influence

ONE of the perennial discussion points among investors and advisers is trying to decide the best way to invest in the stock market. Should you buy shares directly through a stockbroker or invest in managed funds?

Departures a test of company depth

ONE of the reasons many investors put their money with major fund management groups is to benefit from their depth of knowledge and expertise.

Putting super into perspective

Superannuation remains a dark mystery for many Australians, even though 8% of our salaries (9% from July 1) are paid into super funds each and every year.

826, 000 good reasons to check your super

Virtually all wage and salary earners in Australia receive compulsory superannuation contributions every year, equivalent to 8% of their salary.

Changing of the guard in Perth stockbroking circles

The local stockbring industry has undergone a dramatic change in the past 18 month with the withdrawal of most of the big US firms from Perth. And that’s created enormous opportunities for those brokers who have stayed a traditional course.



Shortlist to run Rio facilities

Sodexo has been shortlisted with two other companies to manage all of Rio Tinto’s camps and other facilities in the Pilbara, in the same week it has been awarded a contract to run Shell’s Prelude Floating LNG facility.

TPG to end ‘country club’ culture

The final step in TPG Telecom’s takeover of iiNet is due to happen today, when iiNet shareholders will be paid $9.55 per share, however, staff and customers face an uncertain future.

JCY goes into liquidation

Major Perth architecture practice JCY has been placed into liquidation after being hit by the slowdown in work volumes, pricing pressures and losses on the Perth Children’s Hospital.

Civmec gets nod for $196m project

A joint venture comprising Henderson-based contractor Civmec and international engineering firm Black & Veatch has been selected as preferred proponent for a $196 million wastewater project south of Perth.

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TPG to end ‘country club’ culture

The final step in TPG Telecom’s takeover of iiNet is due to happen today, when iiNet shareholders will be paid $9.55 per share, however, staff and customers face an uncertain future.

Canberra is "really hopeless": Walsh

WA industry leaders Richard Goyder, Sam Walsh and Andrew Forrest lined up today to criticise deputy prime minister Julia Gillard and the federal government's tax and economic policies.

Woodside to spend $400m on Fifo camp

Woodside Petroleum is hoping to win state government backing for a new 700-bed fly-in, fly-out camp at Karratha, after selecting a consortium led by Multiplex and Compass Group to build, own and operate the facility.

Perth tech pioneer passes away

Conrad Crisafulli, who was one of the pioneers of venture capital investing and technology commercialisation in Western Australia, has died after a long illness.