Lance Compton

Managing Director

Having run benefit administration (which included licenced superannuation and portfolio management) in South Africa for 15 years, Lance spent 5 years building Selectus in Victoria and then a further 6 years developing Paywise (formerly Paradigm).

Lance recognised that, with an average of just 15 % to 20% of Australian employees salary packaging, the take-up rate was significantly higher in South Africa – and this was largely due to the popular ‘self-service’ delivery model he had developed in Johannesburg. Lance has spent 15 years cultivating this market-leading technology in Australia – and the result is Pay@bility.

“I have always held a belief that all employees should be able to benefit from salary packaging – no matter what their salary or employment terms. The system we have developed enables any employee to customise their own packaging plan at the click of a button. My passion here, is to assist as many people as possible in taking advantage of the savings available.”

Widely acknowledged as an industry authority, Lance has worked with State Governments and some of Australia’s most recognised brands, including Centrelink, ABS, Catholic Education, Austal and Conoco Phillips, as well as a host of charities and other private businesses.


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