Jonathan Barrett

The lights may be on in Perth, but is there really anybody at home?

The city of lights tends to rank highly in global surveys, but what does that mean?

Fragmented strategy hinders ‘brand Perth’

WRITER Guy de Maupassant dabs his napkin on his not-inconsiderable moustache to lift the remains of the restaurant's plat du jour.

Rival bid for Great Southern assets

The Bunning family and Azure Capital's John Poynton are part of a new bid for Great Southern's timber assets, pitting themselves against Perth businessman Gordon Martin.

Suncorp targets WA opportunities

SUNCORP representatives realise their bank isn't well known outside its home state of Queensland.

Brokers search for private client advisers

THE local office at newly formed Morgan Stanley Smith Barney has been given a mandate to ramp-up its private client adviser numbers, as Perth's broking sector settles into its new look.

Proxies deemed invalid as Khan tightens grip

THE sister of Perth investor Farooq Khan has emerged as a substantial shareholder in investment firm Bentley Capital, as agitators that sought his removal from the board disperse.

Investors lose in film scam

THE lure of generous tax deductions has taken more casualties in Western Australia, with investors fleeced of almost $100,000 in a scam disguised as a film industry investment.

In the market for knowledge

The relationship between industry and educators is closer than ever, but is it a perfect match?

Laissez-faire approach to workforce planning

Experience has demonstrated that funnelling students into courses designed to fill a skills gap just doesn’t seem to work.

Defining role for regions

Regional learning looks for a white knight in an increasingly competitive educational marketplace.

Profile- Pauline Vamos:Vamos stands tall

Pauline Vamos spends a lot of time in the air.

Agri loans in dispute

AT least 2,700 Australians who borrowed money to invest in Great Southern and Timbercorp schemes are refusing to make loan repayments, with their stance soon to be tested in the courts.

Aggregators push independence

A SPATE of transactions in the mortgage market has left Perth-based Australian Finance Group one of the few independent aggregators standing in what is now a big bank-dominated sector.

Former client takes Oakvale to court

PROMINENT local advisory firm Oakvale Capital has dismissed suggestions it is at fault for the multi-million losses suffered by a former client, as the Perth firm is taken to court over a claim for close to $10 million.

PROFILE: Ken Clements

As a man of letters, it seems Ken Clements is pretty good at writing them, too.

Aspen secures investor to back fund

Perth-based property fund manager Aspen Group has secured an investor to underwrite at least $5 million needed to meet loan requirements for its troubled Diversified Property Fund.

Austal's recovery to be "slow but sure"

The managing director of shipbuilder Austal has described the recovery of its order book as "slow but sure", as the Henderson-based company reports a significant fall in full-year profits.

Plan B has tough year as stocks fall

The state's only listed financial planning firm, Plan B Group Holdings, suffered a tough year as falling equity markets eroded profits right across the financial services sector.

Regulator circles Pier hotel booster

THE defunct Riverside Pier Hotel project at Barrack Square is to be sold within three months, as the corporate regulator circles the company that tipped investors into the failed development.

Murdoch course to grow China links

PERTH students seeking commerce skills to engage with Chinese business have a new avenue open to them with the launch of a program at Murdoch Business School.

Martin to pitch for Gt Southern

A MOVE by Perth businessman Gordon Martin to bankroll a $20 million "rescue package" for Great Southern investors is widely expected to be the first of several competing proposals to be lodged in the coming weeks.

CBD’s old offices face makeover

OLDER office buildings in the Perth CBD are likely to require a major overhaul, as rising vacancies and new office blocks threaten their ability to maintain and attract tenants.

The breadwinner

Wholesale bread business backs Nedlands retail outlets. Jonathan Barrett reports

Aspen entitlement offer falls $5m short

Perth-based property fund manager Aspen Group has raised $10 million from investors in its embattled Diversified Property Fund, leaving the company to raise a further $5 million to meet its minimum loan obligations.

Khan-chaired company proposes buy-back

Positioning for long-term control of the Farooq Khan-chaired investment company Bentley Capital is under way, with shareholders notified today the board would seek a limited share buy-back.

Martin offers $20m to Great Southern

Coogee Chemicals chairman Gordon Martin has challenged receivers of Great Southern by devising a plan to personally contribute the vast bulk of working capital, of up to $20 million, needed to enable six collapsed timber schemes to be brought to harvest.

One percenters make a difference

THE moment the paperwork arrived, Perth finance broker Tony Herbert knew setting up an NGO wasn't feasible.

Westscheme hurt by unlisted assets

THE state's biggest industry superannuation fund, Westscheme, has shed its impressive gains generated in the years leading up to the financial crisis after its large portfolio of unlisted assets was savaged by the downturn.

M&A advisers wait for rebound

Limited access to debt continues to hamper the M&A sector, as corporate advisers forecast a subdued year ahead.

Reform agenda casts the spotlight on maligned financial planning sector

The financial planning industry is facing a structural overhaul as parliamentary committees, industry groups and the public debate proposed reforms. Jonathan Barrett asked three Perth financial planners for their opinion on how to improve the industry.

Aspen Group offer falls short

Perth-based property fund manager Aspen Group will seek capital from external investors after failing to attract sufficient support from unit holders of one of its ailing property funds.


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Tony Jack blasts Great Southern receiver

Local forestry veteran Tony Jack has accused receiver McGrathNicol of using his bid for the collapsed Great Southern timber schemes to find a better deal for the bank creditors at the expense of out-of-pocket investors.

‘Accidental’ shareholder takes aim at Khan

An elderly investor is testing Farooq Khan’s hold over Bentley Capital.

The lights may be on in Perth, but is there really anybody at home?

The city of lights tends to rank highly in global surveys, but what does that mean?

State slashes rock lobster catch limit

Fisheries minister Norman Moore has imposed new restrictions on the rock lobster industry in a bid to halve the annual harvest from its long-term average of 11,000 tonnes to 5,500 tonnes.