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Commissions in do-or-die fight

Commissions may be officially on the endangered species list in the financial planning sector, but don’t expect them to go quietly.

‘Hold’ calls on Pulpwood play

Great Southern receiver McGrathNicol has telephoned investors in the flagship timber schemes urging them to hold off accepting the ‘rescue package’ lodged by the Gordon Martin-led Pulpwood Plantations.

IP concerns over UWA case

As the University of Western Australia seeks leave to appeal to the High Court over a blow to its intellectual property rights, universities and employers nationwide are wondering what they need to do to avoid a similar fate.

Gt Southern station sold for $5.5m loss

Receivers of failed agribusiness company Great Southern today completed the sale of the company's far north Queensland cattle station to Consolidated Pastoral Company for $48 million.

Pier Hotel talks

PARTIES are locked in confidential negotiations to sell the defunct Riverside Pier Hotel project on Perth’s foreshore, as out-of-pocket investors await news of any likely return.

Investor launches putsch on Khan’s power base

MINOR skirmishes targeting Perth corporate raider Farooq Khan during the past three months are escalating into a major offensive aimed at the heart of his power base.

AFG offloads planning arm to Sentry

WESTERN Australian-based mortgage broker Australian Finance Group has learned first-hand the difficulties making money from financial planning dealer groups.

Allco fall leads to Benchmark sale

RIPPLES from the fall of Allco Finance Group continue to work through the market, as the 'for sale' sign goes up at one of its investments, the Perth-founded debtor finance company Scottish Pacific Benchmark.

Stimulus delays

CONTRACTORS awarded maintenance work to upgrade the state's primary schools are still waiting on pricing to be finalised less than six weeks before the scheduled completion of some of the contracts.

Winning the main game

They may be at different stages of their careers, but Mark Barnaba and Tony Howarth have had some major challenges of late.

Tough year for Aspen Group

Perth-based property funds manager Aspen Group has outlined steps taken to address market pressures, which resulted in a $64.7 million loss for 2008-09 after the financial crisis severely hurt property valuations, management fees and transaction activity.

IMF funds Gt Southern plantation action

Thousands of Great Southern investors who received now-worthless shares in the company in exchange for their woodlots have received the backing of litigation funder IMF to pursue a claim.

Local operating model bridges the gap

Many of the pioneers of private education in WA still cast a long shadow over one of the state’s biggest export industries.

Study-migration link focus

AN Indian student approaches an education agent in his home city, after hearing that if he studies in Australia, he can get permanent residency.

AFG offloads planning arm to Sentry

Perth-based mortgage aggregator Australian Finance Group has sold its financial planning arm to ING-backed Sentry Financial Group.

Martin broadens Great Southern bid

The Gordon Martin-backed Pulpwood Plantations is extending its bid for Great Southern timber schemes to include all but one of the flagship plantations.

Great Southern tax bill looms

INVESTORS in several failed Great Southern schemes are facing the double indignity of losing control of their assets and receiving a hefty tax bill.

Strike board shake-up

ONE of Russia's richest men has flexed his considerable muscle at Western Australian-based Strike Resources, resulting in a shake-up of the board.

Dolin dollars spark local exec pay debate

AS a pack of reporters thrust their dictaphones in front of Troy Buswell late last week, the treasurer remarked that it reminded him of something other than a press conference.

Casualties emerge at Great Southern

Investors in several Great Southern schemes face having their agribusiness assets seized by third party land-owners, after receivers were unable to secure financing to keep paying the leases.

Axe over Gt Southern horticulture MIS

Great Southern receiver McGrathNicol has indicated the group's horticulture schemes are likely to be wound up, which will leave investors nursing significant losses.

Buswell can't unwind GESB chief pay rise

Treasurer Troy Buswell has admitted the state government has no power to unwind a $160,000 pay increase to the chief executive of government superannuation fund GESB, Michele Dolin.

Dealerships avoid car wreck

The cloud hanging over car dealers has dispersed, as conditions improve.

Firepower fallout reaches Aspen pair

Three investors are seeking legal redress from the now-defunct company that licensed one of the major Firepower promoters.

Injunction on union boss

WESTERN Australian union heavyweight Joe McDonald has been slapped with an injunction barring him from encouraging construction workers to strike at a Perth high-rise building site.

Education cushioned from fallout

TEACHING is widely regarded as a recession-proof profession.And it appears those companies that turn a profit from private education have also come out largely unaffected by the economic downturn.

Deadline looms for Great Southern assets

Groups seeking to take over the assets of failed agribusiness provider Great Southern have been asked if they are prepared to finance the projects from Thursday onwards, as emergency funding runs out.

State slashes rock lobster catch limit

Fisheries minister Norman Moore has imposed new restrictions on the rock lobster industry in a bid to halve the annual harvest from its long-term average of 11,000 tonnes to 5,500 tonnes.

Jostling over tree change

AT the end of the month, the remaining sales and marketing staff at failed agribusiness provider Great Southern will be made redundant; but the battle for control of its assets is just getting started.

PROFILE; Ros Worthington

Ros Worthington says she is the richest person in the world, without a worldly possession.

Murdoch link to US powerhouse

A MOVE by The Washington Post Company to expand its operations in Perth might at first glance unsettle the state's media powerbrokers.


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Tony Jack blasts Great Southern receiver

Local forestry veteran Tony Jack has accused receiver McGrathNicol of using his bid for the collapsed Great Southern timber schemes to find a better deal for the bank creditors at the expense of out-of-pocket investors.

‘Accidental’ shareholder takes aim at Khan

An elderly investor is testing Farooq Khan’s hold over Bentley Capital.

The lights may be on in Perth, but is there really anybody at home?

The city of lights tends to rank highly in global surveys, but what does that mean?

State slashes rock lobster catch limit

Fisheries minister Norman Moore has imposed new restrictions on the rock lobster industry in a bid to halve the annual harvest from its long-term average of 11,000 tonnes to 5,500 tonnes.