Dennis Lingane

Asia flocks to taste Alice’s sorbet

AFTER almost two decades of exciting the tastebuds of ice cream and sorbet lovers in WA, Alice’s is on the verge of converting Asia.

Broker signs banks

TWO banks have signed deals with the Hartley-Poynton e-commerce arm, JDV, this week.

Net kiosk taps into big market

WA’s PieNetworks continues to win sales for its Internet kiosks.

WA business wallows in the eye of a storm

WA businesses have been lulled into a false sense of security following the collapse of the market, according to one of the world’s acknow-ledged experts in online business strategy.

Internet job advertising takes over from press

THE gloomy ANZ job advertisement report this week and last week’s Australian Bur-eau of Statistics report that job advertisements are dramatically down are way off the beam, according to one of Australia’s top recruitment organisations.

Hydraulics brain drain

BRENDAN Casey completes his MBA next month and will then join the brain drain heading for the US.

Open digital services ‘or else’

AUSTRALIA’S consumer watchdog Professor Allan Fels has given Telstra and Optus an ultimatum to establish open digital services or face regulation.

Govt gets local

IN an attempt to buy local the WA government has initiated a series of forums with industry suppliers.The first held in Perth last week saw 130 industry representatives turn out for the summit.

High-speed Net access

OPTUS and other Internet providers will now join Telstra in providing high-speed broadband access for many WA Internet and data network users.

OSI takes over WiredCity

WA internet data centre WiredCity Pty Ltd has been acquired by OSI Software Incorporated from listed Perth company, Gippsland Limited.

Broadband the future – survey

THE new challenge for many businesses is to embrace digital broadband connectivity or perish and the big challenge for CEOs will be to recognise the opportunities and take the risk to try to exploit them.

Hidden assets

INTELLECTUAL property now accounts for a significant part of a company’s value and businesses should closely integrate its considerations with other key businesses processes.

Compaq invests in WA company

THE US Compaq company has acquired 18.8 per cent stake in the Perth based Amcom Solutions Group in its upcoming float that is slated to raise $10 million.

Just the ticket for retail

PERTH’s Ben Hoffman was propelled from a former fruit and veg store manager to an inter-national high-tech visionary last week when a local syndicate poured almost $2 million into his Subiaco company, SignIQ.

Microsoft drives flexible net programming

Australia’s IT industry is being held back because of the cost of broadband cable and lack of wireless services, according to Microsoft Australia spokesman Philip Meyer.

Third Rail signs US wireless deal

THE South Perth communications company Third Rail has signed a Letter of Intent with a US New Hampshire county to supply wireless services for two of its university campuses.

Software provider targets builders

Nedlands-based BigRedSky, the IT and telecommunications recruitment specialists, has signed an exclusive distributorship agreement with the former founder and CEO of Interstruct, Bob Williams.

e-switch cuts data workload

A computer software program produced by WA-based Working Systems for the hospital industry is now saving a WA government department up to two months a year in manipulation of reports.

IT entries double this year

Entries for the third Yellow Pages Asia Pacific IT & T Awards have more than doubled this year, according to organiser Annette Moloney.

Amcon forms Compaq alliance

WA’S Amcon Solutions Group has secured an alliance with Compaq Computer Corporation, one of the top five system integraters in the world.

Paper chase

THE paperless office was a dream of the 1980s, but despite our enthusiasm for new technology and the popularity of email, 90 per cent of documentation is still on paper.

Net kiosks UK bound

PERTH’S PieNetworks will ship 100 Internet kiosks to the UK following a deal with NWP Communications Limited, the largest independent provider of payphones in the UK.

Sanford investment bank goes online

THE ever-evolving online financial organisation Sanford Limited has announced the launch of Online Capital Partners (OCP) which they claim is the first dedicated online investment bank in Australia.

Crime blitz

FAIR Trading Comm-issioner Patrick Walker issued a warning this week about the online site Payline, saying anyone encouraged to sign on should contact the Ministry.

Smooth sailing

LAST week’s story on sailing enthusiasts Nick Randolph and Meg Delahoy’s award winning Your Club Online plan should have referred to Nedlands Yacht Club not Mounts Bay Yacht Club.

Email problems boom

BY 2003 the IT industry expects us to be sending 18 billion emails a day - up from an estimated five billion a day we were clocking up at the end of 1999.

IT outsourcing seminar

HOW to take advantage of the rapidly developing market of IT service providers is the thrust of a seminar to be presented by US outsourcing expert Professor Rudy Hirschheim.

Sanford signs Tower to Virtual Broker

SANFORD Limited, Perth’s on-line transaction pioneer, has signed a contract to provide its B2B product, Virtual Broker, to Tower Trust Limited, which has AUS$4.4B of assets under management and administration.

Students sail to tech win

A LOVE of sailing, an inefficient club membership system and knowledge of technology won two UWA students a $7,500 prize in the inaugural WA Business Planning Competition.

Le Mans bid offers plenty

THE offer by US billionaire Don Panoz to bring one of his Le Mans Asia-Pacific races to Perth has far wider ramifications than the potential $87 million in tourism it could bring each year.

Wesfarmers gets frank

AGRIBUSINESS and transport conglomerate Wesfarmers has released details of a plan to simplify its ownership structure.