02/08/2018 - 21:14

Vonex teams up with NASDAQ listed CounterPath

02/08/2018 - 21:14


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Newly listed telco Vonex, has formed a marketing and partnership agreement with Canadian global communications software solutions provider CounterPath to jointly market a combined telco product offering to existing and potential customers. Vonex will also sell selected Counterpath products under its own brand.

Vonex teams up with NASDAQ listed CounterPath

Newly listed telco Vonex, has formed a strategic partnership with Canadian global communications software solutions provider CounterPath that promises to provide complementary benefits for both parties.

In an update to the ASX this week, Vonex said both companies will work together to target certain customer groups in Australia.

Vonex is looking to open up larger opportunities to work with enterprise clients and channel customers and will use the new partnership as a vehicle to achieve this.

The newly listed ASX tech play will be able to provide end users with its branded version of CounterPath’s “Bria 5” softphone communications software on a range of platforms.

Vonex has made an initial order of 10,000 Bria softphone and CounterPath Stretto platform licences that it will sell to existing customers under its own brand.

The two companies will also jointly market a combined product offering to their existing and potential customers, initially in the Australian market.

In addition, the development and engineering divisions of both groups will now engage in a range of collaborative engineering activities.

Whilst these activities will primarily be designed to assist CounterPath with the further tailoring of its products for the Australian market, Vonex management said the collaboration will also assist with fast-tracking of the development and enhancement of its own product range.

The agreement is for an initial period of one year and is able to be extended by either party for successive additional one-year periods.

Vonex Managing Director Matt Fahey said: “This agreement is a significant win-win for both parties. Vonex and CounterPath complement each other’s business in so many ways and through joint marketing to existing and targeted customers.”

“Existing CounterPath customers, who currently only access software solutions, can now be offered connection to the Vonex VoIP solutions, while Vonex customers can now have access to a world class voice, video and messaging software solution. We will be able to offer an enhanced experience to customers of both companies, in an extremely cost-effective way.”

Vonex already has an established business in the telecommunications space offering voice over internet telephone calls via its cloud based PABX systems that are rapidly replacing the more traditional wall mounted telephony units.

It has also started beta development of its exciting “Oper8tor” social media teleconferencing aggregation APP that can provide tele-conferencing for a group of individuals that are all using different internet based telco platforms such as Skype, WhatsAPP, Viber and others.

The company is aiming to make Oper8tor market ready for a soft-launch in Western Europe by early 2019.

Vonex revenues have jumped from $7m in FY2017 to $8.3m in FY2018.


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