WORK IN PROGRESS: The stadium is expected to cost in the vicinity of $860 million. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Stadium’s true cost stays hidden

Borrowing off the books may minimise the damage to official state debt but the money has to come from somewhere – taxpayers.


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This is not an open government. Being a staunched Liberal voter for more than 42 years , I am embarrassed to admit that I voted for them. If you weren't told they are a Liberal Govt you would believe it if someone told you they are Labour. Someone please stop them in their tracks before unrecovereable damage is is done. This stadium is pathetic. Luxuries that we cannot aford. What percentage of the population will benefit from it ? Why is there not a referendum? Tell the people the total cost,direct and indirect and how long it will take to pay for it. Then you have to pay an outrageous amount to purchase a ticket to enter it. I am totally bamboosaled. It must be going to be a real asset to the Crown Casino or it probably wouldn't be built.

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