11/06/2021 - 08:44

After 80 years, what does HBF’s future hold?

11/06/2021 - 08:44


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After 80 years, what does HBF’s future hold?
HBF’s Executive General Manager – Health, Dr Daniel Heredia

As a 2014 40under40 winner and HBF’s newly-appointed Executive General Manager – Health, Dr Daniel Heredia is leading the insurer’s transition from being a passive payer to an active participant in the delivery of health services.

Q. HBF marks its 80th anniversary this month. What does the future bring?

We’re proud to have become one of WA’s most respected organisations and we see ourselves as a key player in the State’s health infrastructure.

To ensure we’ll be there for members for decades to come, we must change and grow to meet their evolving health needs and expectations. This means undertaking an ambitious multi-year growth strategy to drive better outcomes for members right across Australia, innovate health services, and enhance the value of private health insurance.

In a decade, HBF will be one of the largest health insurers nationally and a significant provider of health services in its own right.

Q. So, HBF is moving into service delivery?

The launch of HBF Dental this year marks our foray into the provision of health services to drive member value and offer more choice in providers with competitive pricing.

Becoming a service provider is long overdue. We believe there’s an opportunity to do things better and, as a not-for-profit fund with no shareholders to pay, we can focus on giving more back to members in the form of lower premiums, control when it comes to out-of-pocket costs, and enhanced services. We’re also increasing the number of health programs for vulnerable members managing chronic illnesses and those at risk of avoidable hospitalisations, complementing the care they receive from GPs, specialists and other health providers.

Q. What type of programs can members expect from HBF?

Our healthy living programs are designed to help members be more proactive with their health and we’ll work with hospitals, doctors and service providers to bridge any gaps. Besides our COACH and Health Navigator programs, we now offer guided supportwhen it comes to managing, for example, knee and hip osteoarthritis symptoms and cardiac rehabilitation. We have several exciting pilot programs and trials underway which, in partnership with some very well-known and respected providers, will provide participants with access to affordable, convenient, evidence-based treatments in the comfort of their home. 




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