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Company Activity

UPDATED: Private Companies - Large list19 Feb 2024
UPDATED: Technology Companies list19 Feb 2024
Scott Anderberg
NEW ROLE: Scott Anderberg, Chief Executive19 Feb 2024
Martin Dougiamas
NEW ROLE: Martin Dougiamas, Founder, Chair, Head of Research since 202319 Feb 2024
RANKING: 26 Down from 25 in Technology Companies list02 Dec 2023
RANKING: 25 Up from 26 in Technology Companies list13 Jun 2023
Marie Achour
NEW ROLE: Marie Achour, Global Head of Product13 Oct 2022
UPDATED: Technology Companies list07 Jan 2022
ADDED: Added to Private Companies - Large list07 Jan 2022
Sander Bangma
NEW ROLE: Sander Bangma, Head of LMS, Moodle Learning Management Platform; Head of Educational Solutions26 Oct 2021

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