State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: Good jobs at mates’ rates

MOST of us have been told, or have subsequently worked out, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Green light for Gorgon deal

THE green light for the Gorgon is a major step ahead for Western Australia and, as the Federal politicians know, a significant boost to the nation’s treasury.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: Barnett needs team talk

WITH the next State election likely in mid-2004 rather than early 2005, and set to be a close encounter, it’s worth asking what kind of premier Opposition leader Colin Barnett would make.

Selling off the farming arm

IT seems that we have seen our first results from negotiations for a free trade agreement with the US, with many Western Australian farmers ending up winners even though no deal has been signed yet.

Joe Proprezeczny - State Scene: PMs’ fame is fleeting

AUSTRALIAN prime ministers, like democratically elected leaders worldwide, are under constant pressure from published opinion polls that tell voters how leaders are faring between elections.

Editorial: State taxes and charges

WA Business News played host to a wide range of business people and the leading State Government figures on the issue of taxes and charges imposed in Western Australia.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Polls may point to ballot

LITTLE has improved for the Gallop Government since it passed the half-way mark of its term in office six months ago.

The burdens of a full purse

WHAT is worse than not having enough money? For some people, dear souls, it is the problem of having too much.

Editorial: BankWest vote no shock

THIS week’s vote by BankWest shareholders to agree to a takeover by UK-based HBOS should come as no surprise. Faced with the prospect of the bank becoming a lame duck with a parent that might refuse to invest, shareholders had little choice.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: More power to the people

IT’S sobering to be reminded that there are limits to science, technology and Western engineering marvels such as, say, electricity distribution grids.

Tax helps break new ground

DID anyone notice a bit of news floating around last week that Australia’s film-making industry was doing well on the back of a clever tax deduction.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Behind political power

ALTHOUGH WA’s 116 State and Federal MPs don’t publicly refer to July as ‘conference month’ they could, because that’s when Labor and the Liberals now hold their annual State conferences.

Editorial - Federal interference will cost in the end

HOUSING affordability is being billed as a Federal election issue. On the face of it, concern for new homebuyers or, more importantly, renters wanting to become home owners, is understandable.

Joe Poprzeczny, State Scene - Local councils safe for now

WA has its fair share of local government controversies, among them the bizarre Wanneroo Council royal commission.

Editorial - Give Gorgon the go-ahead

THE development of the Gorgon gas field off Western Australia’s north west coast is shaping as the major test of the Gallop Government’s business-friendly credentials ahead of the next election.

Joe Poprzeczny - The cost of communicating

POLITICIANS call it informing constituents. Journalists generally dub it, junk mail. Most voters refer to it as propaganda.

EDITORIAL: Dullsville tag may stay

EVER since The West Australian newspaper ran Dullsville as its front page headline, there has been significant public debate about whether or not this is a great place to live.

WABN secures a bronze in the US

WA Business News has won third prize for Best Newspaper, Small Tabloids at the Association of Area Business Publication’s Editorial Excellence Awards, announced at its annual convention in Baltimore,

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Bringing people together

INCREASING numbers of voters claim there’s no real difference between WA’s conservative Liberal and left-of-centre Labor parties.

STATE SCENE - Burke remains a political player and an influence

POLITICIANS can have a devastating effect on language. This was highlighted by George Orwell in his brilliant essay, Politics and the English Language.

EDITORIAL - Insuring better outcomes

PROFESSIONAL indemnity is one of the crises that has failed to capture the imagination of the very people who will end up being affected – consumers.