Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Gallop to face tough time

Last week State Scene outlined the likely outcome of the forthcoming State election, which Premier Geoff Gallop will call for sometime between October 2004 and February 2005.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Playing on the marginals

Goeff Gallop-led Labor is now scanning the horizon of spring 2004 and summer 2004-05 in search of a date that best suits Labor for a State election.

Property’s role in self-funded retirement

The economic implications of an ageing Australia are of such concern to the Federal Government that it has recently asked the Productivity Commission to undertake an enquiry into the issue.

Reader Response - Re branding

The feature on Western Australia’s top brands (WA Business News, July 22) was intriguing and I readily concede I concurred with most of the results.However, biased as I obviously may be, in terms of r

US recovery a false dawn?

I did try to slip away quietly for a couple of weeks but my colleagues let it be known that I was “on assignment” in the US, so I’d best deliver a few pearls of wisdom on that front, otherwise some of you might be disappointed.

Judging the value of brands

Branding is a concept that, although not widely understood, attracts enormous attention.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Digging dirt on databases

During the past few weeks the words ‘dirt’ and ‘dirt unit’ have been used rather liberally, most especially by Labor leader Mark Latham, a man who never hesitates publicly insulting anyone, from an American president to dissenting journalists.

Reader Response - Hot topic

Tim Treadgold’s article on hot fractured rock geothermal power (WA Business News, July 15) is not only cynical and highly factually incorrect, but is without a clear understanding of what HFR geotherm

Service growth

Western Australia’s rapid economic growth and falling unemployment have created a rare opportunity for the State to rethink its industry policy.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Getting the timing just right

The Gallop Government’s recent reluctant admission that it won’t continue pressing for fixed-term parliaments comes hard on the heels of its reneging on the proposed one-vote-one-value legislation.

Reader Response - Article a blight on potato industry

While it was interesting reading, I was dismayed that an article written about the Western Australian potato industry by Tim Treadgold (“Propping up the potato barons” Briefcase, WA Business News July

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: For the greater public good

Those who attended the University of Western Australia or even just toured its northern grounds probably know that the creation and initial development of that campus was primarily due to the efforts and funds of Irish-born Perth newspaper proprietor, Sir

Reader Response - Diamond Conquest

I write to you having taken great offence at our omission from your recent two-page article featuring Western Australian diamond companies (WA Business News July 1).Your report fails to identify Conqu

Cracking it on unemployment

I have been dwelling on the remarkable news of a couple of weeks ago that unemployment in Western Australia had dropped to 5 per cent in May – the lowest level since seasonally adjusted monthly data was produced in 1978.

Election anyone?

Anyone noticed the sudden burst of major resource news at State level?

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Labor realignment looming

One thing we can be confident about if the next, or second, Gallop-led Government is sworn in is that the 14 chauffeur-driven politicians who’ll attend Government House won’t be the same as those now in cabinet.

Reader Response - Court legacy

In your editorial of June 24, rightly paying tribute to Michael Chaney’s great achievement, you remind us that in 1994 Western Australia was an international joke and viewed as corporately corrupt.

Chaney proves his value

Imagine how many people would have laughed 10 years ago at the suggestion that, not only was a CEO from Western Australia lauded as the nation’s best, heading a company that was a market darling,

Joe Poprzeczny -State Scene: State poll’s power balance

Geoff Gallop-led Labor goes into the coming State election fully aware that it gained power in February 2001 largely because of one Liberal minister’s mismanagement, as well as misfortune in the case of the Nationals.

Swell prediction for surfers’ site

Swell prediction for surfers’ site Local surfer Todd Halliday has combined his favourite past time with his marketing degree to create a low cost business venture that has generated a significant amou

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: A glass house of parliament

If ever you walk past a group of politicians and, by chance, overhear them uttering the phrase ‘collateral damage’ you can be fairly confident they’re not discussing military affairs.