Buckeridge feedback

We've received a fair bit of feedback in recent weeks about building magnate Len Buckeridge’s interview at our Success & Leadership forum.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - More of the same on taxation

Now that we’re well and truly into the Federal election campaign pundits will begin predicting the date of the looming State election.

Olympic hangover

I hate to be a killjoy when our Olympic athletes have performed so well, but I did feel it was time to put some of the bragging in context – but a little less subjectively than Roy & HG did in the various tallies they provided.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Playing politics with our privacy

Labor enjoyed watching Prime Minister John Howard searching for explanations after one-time Defence Department officer Mike Scrafton belatedly surfaced to claim the PM knew the so-called kids overboard claims were phony.

Delivery failure

WHAT is it about the company building skills that are missing from our entrepreneurial ranks in the field of technology?

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Blaming the Butler won’t do

How could wily and experienced politicians like Mr Howard and Tasmania’s late premier, Jim Bacon, have gotten it so wrong?

The trouble with staff

I hate to repeat myself week in and week out, but the skills shortage in Western Australia is looming as a major issue for this State.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Taming Labor’s wild boar

Political scientists have expended tens of thousands of hours over many decades researching why people vote in particular ways.

Reader Response - Case of deja vu

Mr Barnett’s so-called new policy (‘Liberals release IR plan’ WA Business News August 5) is not new, it’s back to future – back to the unhappy days of the Court Government’s unfair industrial relation

Labor could create an IR minefield

Overshadowed by some clever politicking by Labor leader Mark Latham on the US Free Trade Agreement, the Federal Opposition’s industrial relations policy has failed to get the scrutiny it deserves.

Joe Poprzeczny: StateScene - Political opportunities lost

As the past two State Scene columns have considered the forthcoming State election – predicting Labor will win in the legislative assembly, thereby forming the next government, and the conservatives will re-gain control of the legislative council – this w

Reader Response - The council account

I write with regard to the article “Council ad deal queried” (WA Business News, July 22).May I address some matters that were reported.A councillor stated that: “Not once did Marketforce mention North

The politics of industrial relations

The approaching Western Australian and Federal elections have the industrial relations lobby groups and political IR policy makers hard at work.  The agenda will probably not be too different from pre

Fun and games at the PCEC

As the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre begins the process of opening its doors to the public, the foreshore building has attracted a fresh round of analysis/criticism.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Gallop to face tough time

Last week State Scene outlined the likely outcome of the forthcoming State election, which Premier Geoff Gallop will call for sometime between October 2004 and February 2005.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Playing on the marginals

Goeff Gallop-led Labor is now scanning the horizon of spring 2004 and summer 2004-05 in search of a date that best suits Labor for a State election.

Property’s role in self-funded retirement

The economic implications of an ageing Australia are of such concern to the Federal Government that it has recently asked the Productivity Commission to undertake an enquiry into the issue.

Reader Response - Re branding

The feature on Western Australia’s top brands (WA Business News, July 22) was intriguing and I readily concede I concurred with most of the results.However, biased as I obviously may be, in terms of r

US recovery a false dawn?

I did try to slip away quietly for a couple of weeks but my colleagues let it be known that I was “on assignment” in the US, so I’d best deliver a few pearls of wisdom on that front, otherwise some of you might be disappointed.

Judging the value of brands

Branding is a concept that, although not widely understood, attracts enormous attention.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Digging dirt on databases

During the past few weeks the words ‘dirt’ and ‘dirt unit’ have been used rather liberally, most especially by Labor leader Mark Latham, a man who never hesitates publicly insulting anyone, from an American president to dissenting journalists.