Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Water plan Barnett’s bridge too far?

Liberal leader Colin Barnett has aspired since at least 1990, the year he entered state parliament, to become premier.

Tim Treadgold: Briefcase - Another ’80s ending coming?

The boom, which we are all enjoying immensely, appears to be entering a new phase – or is it?


Last week's comment piece from Professor Nick Forster wrongly listed the date he will be speaking a the WA Club

Canal call poses quite a conundrum

Having bemoaned the lack of vision in our politicians, I can hardly complain about Colin Barnett springing the Kimberley canal project on us.

Small business brings new dynamic

Just a few weeks before going into hospital and, as it turns out, sealing his fate as Federal Opposition leader, Mark Latham was in Perth seeking answers to one of Labor’s great challenges – how to win over the small business vote.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Barnett’s Liberals living in the ’70s

Despite the Latham imbroglio and State Labor’s dismal scores in several opinion polls held late in 2004, a surprisingly large number of senior Liberals – MPs and rank-and-file – believe Gallop-led Labor is still likely to sneak home in the coming election

Tim Treadgold: Briefcase: When will the big ticket arrive?

What would a WA election be without a big ticket prize for the people. So far, we haven’t seen anything to rival past elections. There have been higher wages promised for nurses, and more police on the beat.

Give us something worth voting for

I struggle to come to terms with the way political parties deal with the election process and I am not looking forward to the next few weeks.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Gallop may yet have more to regret

The headline of a story reporting Premier Geoff Gallop’s recent address to the WA Media Club read: ‘Gallop sorry on taxes as poll looms’.

Tim Treadgold: Briefcase - Delays pay for Solco solar play

It’s not often that a business says thanks to government. Duncan Stone and his crew at solar energy specialist Solco are doing that – in stereo.

Sales Session: The authenticity of the sale is in the salesperson.

Everyone seeks to be and be known as authentic. Very few are.If I ask you how authentic you are, your answer would be “10!” on the one to ten scale.

READER RESPONSE: An exploration of miners’ motives

TIM Treadgold is correct when he states that Xstrata’s primary corporate goal is to improve shareholder returns (WA Business News, December 9 2004).

State Scene: Doing a deal on direct democracy

WITH a State election imminent letterboxes will be increasingly stuffed with more unwelcome advertising bumph from parties to convince voters they and their candidates are working for their electorates.

READER RESPONSE: China syndrome

YOUR correspondent Tim Treadgold has put forward some interesting hypotheses to explain the delay in getting AEC’s prospectus over the line (Briefcase, WA Business News, January 13).However, he missed

EDITORIAL Mark Pownall

JUST as the Federal Labor party rues its attempt to innovate with its leadership during the past year, we mustn’t lose sight of the need to experiment from time to time. Innovation is the key to survival and there must always be room to try new ways of t

BRIEFCASE: Investment advice rules questioned

IT was once said in New York that when the bell hops start giving share tips it’s time to sell. Australia has never had a bell-hop culture, but we certainly have taxi drivers and barbers.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Labor may rue missed opportunities

“WELL, here we are again” were the words former prime minister Paul Keating uttered when announcing the 1996 Federal election he would lose to John Howard.

Reading the signs the first time

AN awful lot has happened between editions of our newspaper but one thing has taken the headlines for almost that entire period – Asia’s tsunami.

READER RESPONSE - Union crackdown

WE support the State Opposition’s recent call for the Gallop Government to intervene in the strike by 140 construction workers who are attempting to cajole the employer of other construction workers o

READER RESPONSE - Mine concerns

THANK you for raising my concerns about mine safety in the article, ‘Boom warning on mine safety’, (WA Business News, December 16 2004).I have been an external observer of the mining industry since fi

State Scene: Joe Poprzeczny: Another valuable lesson for Labor

IT has been some time since I’ve read anything on America’s brutal Civil War, a conflict that so horrified Australia’s colonial politicians that they responded by enacting the White Australia policy once the colonies had federated.