Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - A fair go for Indepedents?

State Scene wishes to conclude this year’s assessment of the local political scene with some observations about the featherbedding and political funding of political parties.

Tim Treadgold: BRIEFCASE - Property to feel the heat in 2006

WHAT happened yesterday is not what will happen tomorrow, an observation that either convinces the reader that Briefcase is barmy, or deep thinkers will recognise as sound investment advice for 2006.T

Convergence of events may make 2005 a year to remember

WILL 2005 be forever etched in our memories?

Sydney riots hurt our Aussie brand

It might feel like a long way away but the events at Cronulla Beach in Sydney at the weekend are something we should all be wary of.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Adminstration the first failing

Last week’s in-camera parliamentary privileges committee hearings on Liberal leader Matt Birney’s financial interests statements raised a host of questions that will hopefully be addressed before Christmas.

Tim Treadgold: Briefcase - Who’ll lose most amid IR fallout?

‘Unintended consequences’ is one of those marvellous expressions which, when translated, simply means we have no idea what will happen after we change the rules.

Costello abrogates his responsibility

Was Peter Costello serious when he suggested reportedly he had no responsibility to investigate the background of Reserve Bank of Australia board candidate, Robert Gerard?

Responsibility must be shared

State Scene expects to be voting, soon after New Year, in a by-election for the seat of Yokine, currently held by one-time Labor minister Bob Kucera.

Tim Treadgold: Briefcase - Local prices sinking in a small pool

Buying local is a good thing when shopping for fruit and vegetables, but not necessarily a wise investment policy.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Ideals lost on political hacks

Last week, State Scene surveyed the opening moves by key Liberal Party financial boffins to ensure their party will soon tap into what’s called state public funding of parties.

Tim Treadgold: Briefcase - Time’s ticking on Shovelanna saga

In the future, probably closer to the year 2020 than today, there might be an iron ore mine on the Shovelanna tenement co-worked by a small company called Cazaly Resources.

Plenty to digest in iron ore dispute

Over the years I have heard many stories of inequity when it comes to the handling of disputed mining claims.

Government should reassure on IR

I had an interesting experience the other day when I found myself in a room of people who were bitterly opposed to John Howard’s proposed industrial relations changes.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Pollies eye-off new tax take

That dreaded M-word has reappeared within Liberal Party ranks.

Tim Treadgold: Briefcase - Technology poses AGM time trap

Some Perth investors with an eye on BHP Billiton will be hoping for an insight into the company when they toddle along to its annual meeting in Perth tomorrow (Friday November 25).Smarter investors wi

Philanthropy in a cultural context

I had a discussion one evening earlier this week about the philanthropy in the US.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - A change from Bush bashing

President George W Bush’s decision to militarily engage America’s sworn Middle Eastern enemies at the head of a ‘coalition of the willing’ has resulted in numerous unexpected outcomes, not all of which are welcomed by his dogmatic critics.

Ferrier Hodgson outdoes Sir Humphrey

It's a shame that Jonathan Lynn and Antony Jay are not writing any more of their Yes Minister books.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Power behind Libs’ vote push

State Scene realises the most common school debating topic after whether capital punishment should be re-introduced is whether compulsory voting should be abolished.

Tim Treadgold: Briefcase - London listing lesson for St Barbara

To list, or not to list? That is the question facing Australian resource company executives as they contemplate doing business in the capital of mining finance, London.

Faster news now online at WABN

SINCE the day I joined WA Business News I have been asked constantly, ‘when are you going daily’? The reply to that has been consistent. We are never going to do that, at least not as a newspaper.