Give me a good news story any day

TOO often in publishing we are accused of always seeking out the negative. Well, WA Business News tries where it can to balance the ledger and find the positive stories.

Adding fuel

MY research for last week’s editorial on petrol prices gave me reason to call the RAC for comment on the issue.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Latham breaks the mould

AS it has been two months since Labor’s factional chiefs moved to replace Simon Crean as leader, it’s worth asking whether the change has significantly altered Australia’s political landscape.

Petrol pricing doesn’t add up

FUEL prices are not something I get worked up over very often.

Sport and politics proves a heady mix

WITH sport so major an ingredient in Australian cultural life it’s not surprising new Labor leader Mark Latham announced he’d welcome, with “open arms” outgoing Test cricket captain Steve Waugh should he ever seek a political career.

Wine storm

THE Wine Industry Association of Western Australia walked into a storm when it announced that our State had a glut of red wine and that millions of litres were sitting unsold from last vintage.

State Scene: Joe Poprzeczny - Big year looms in politics

IF elections, complex internecine party machinations and factional imbroglios aren’t your favourite – and you qualify for long service leave after mid-2004 – take some time off and go interstate or overseas for that long-planned holiday.

Making some sense of tax rate cuts

IT’S something a breath of fresh air when all the talk around town is focused on the likelihood of a pre-election tax cut.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: A year of missed chances

A PUZZLING feature of 2003 was the fact that, despite the Liberals being in disarray, and with a weak and unpopular leader, Gallop-led Labor sometimes found itself trailing the conservatives in the polls.

State Scene: Joe Poprzeczny - Rumblings in the hills

SIX months ago a contact close to the Liberals’ parliamentary leadership group told State Scene that Colin Barnett’s number cruncher, Darling Range MLA John Day, was deeply concerned about losing party endorsement.

Last binge on property fringe

THE looming concern about property prices, particularly investment-based apartments, is starting to focus attention on the perceived culprits – real estate investment spruikers.

No arts vision

IT’S been a couple of weeks since the successful State Arts Sponsorship Awards night...

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: Paying for bad politics

THE Australian High Court’s decision not to overturn vote weighting arrangements across WA’s farmland and outback regions is the second time it has rejected Attorney-General Jim McGinty’s approaches on this issue.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: The accountability issue

THE debacle arising from the secretly agreed upon McGinty-Barnett $1.28/vote compulsory vote levy (CVL) plan that consumed so much time and energy, especially within Liberal ranks, rested upon two essential ingredients.

McGinty caught in a legal dilemma

THE announcement last week by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan that Western Australian Supreme Court judge Hon Justice Kevin Parker had been appointed to the International Criminal Tribunal...

Latham eggs on battlers

MARK Latham might be Federal Labor’s head-kicking attack dog but at least the thinking he does out loud sparks the occasional policy debate.

State Scene: Joe Proprzeczny - Out of the political loop

ALTHOUGH politicians work assiduously refining their interview skills, occasions arise when those efforts fail them badly.

When two worlds collide

IT’S intriguing how worlds collide – or perhaps, in the instance I am about to raise, touch ever so softly, time and time again.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Canberra’s call on DLS

EFFORTS to introduce daylight saving (DLS) into WA have failed at three referendums – in 1975, 1984 and 1992 – having been initiated by premiers Sir Charles Court for the liberals, and Brian Burke and Carmen Lawrence for Labor, respectively.

Interference interesting

MUCH has been said lately regarding fund managers’ new interest, some would say interference, in companies they invest in.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: No guests at this party

THERE’S no law of politics that postulates political parties are essential for the effective operation of our representative form of democracy.