State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: Paying for bad politics

THE Australian High Court’s decision not to overturn vote weighting arrangements across WA’s farmland and outback regions is the second time it has rejected Attorney-General Jim McGinty’s approaches on this issue.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: The accountability issue

THE debacle arising from the secretly agreed upon McGinty-Barnett $1.28/vote compulsory vote levy (CVL) plan that consumed so much time and energy, especially within Liberal ranks, rested upon two essential ingredients.

McGinty caught in a legal dilemma

THE announcement last week by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan that Western Australian Supreme Court judge Hon Justice Kevin Parker had been appointed to the International Criminal Tribunal...

Latham eggs on battlers

MARK Latham might be Federal Labor’s head-kicking attack dog but at least the thinking he does out loud sparks the occasional policy debate.

State Scene: Joe Proprzeczny - Out of the political loop

ALTHOUGH politicians work assiduously refining their interview skills, occasions arise when those efforts fail them badly.

When two worlds collide

IT’S intriguing how worlds collide – or perhaps, in the instance I am about to raise, touch ever so softly, time and time again.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Canberra’s call on DLS

EFFORTS to introduce daylight saving (DLS) into WA have failed at three referendums – in 1975, 1984 and 1992 – having been initiated by premiers Sir Charles Court for the liberals, and Brian Burke and Carmen Lawrence for Labor, respectively.

Interference interesting

MUCH has been said lately regarding fund managers’ new interest, some would say interference, in companies they invest in.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: No guests at this party

THERE’S no law of politics that postulates political parties are essential for the effective operation of our representative form of democracy.

Pay performance

DIRECTORS’ fees and management incentives have featured prominently in the news recently.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Orwellian vision rings true

MOST of us have either read or know about George Orwell’s prescient and terrifying novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, which highlights Big Brother Government, an all-knowing, all-powerful overseer.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Labor leads on utility reform

TEN years ago the newly elected Court-Cowan Government received a report from a team headed by CRA’s former chief, Sir Roderick Carnegie.

ASA targets Macmahon

THE Australian Shareholders Association’s battle against what it sees as inappropriate options packages is not just reserved for monster corporations such as Southcorp.

Federal role in Burrup blues?

ABOUT this time last year we published a major feature on the Burrup –depicting the development plans for the North West peninsula as being on a knife edge.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Quango numbers all Labor

WHILE State Scene rarely bothers analysing parliamentary answers there’s always the chance of an exception arising...

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: Accountability Swiss style

LAST week State Scene highlighted South Australia’s recent Constitutional Convention...

A balanced view of Perth

IT has been fascinating to read some of the reports on Perth as a place to live and work in recent times.

Free at last

Free at last JUST in case anyone is interested, I’ve declared this paper an Alan Bond free zone – the only one in the country as far as I can tell.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: Democracy’ ignores voters

ASK any West Aussie if they’re living in a democracy and, Sydney-to-a-brick they’ll say, yes.

Incentives missing

AS the Federal Government salivates over the billions it will earn from the Gorgon project, it would be worth its leadership considering how this potential resources revenue and vast billions that preceded it came to be.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: Good jobs at mates’ rates

MOST of us have been told, or have subsequently worked out, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.