Jan Barrie

Falling for the natural wonders

WE SEEM to be constantly reading about trouble in Africa. So is it still safe to visit there? The answer is “yes” and “no”, depending on where you go.

Eneabba – where wildflowers grow

THIS year the wildflowers really are spectacular and you shouldn’t miss them.Here’s a way you can really appreciate them: take a well-earned weekend rest, enjoy some time outdoors with the family, and spend absolute peanuts.

Couple provides a haven of serenity

ALAN Tinker is famous in the botanical world – and even if you’re not into flower-power, he’s guar-anteed to keep you interested.He’s an avid greenie and self-taught botanist who’s so well respected in his field that academics have named an orchid after

Escape with Monkey Mia’s dolphins

DOLPHINS are an endless source of fascination and wonder to us – no matter how many times we see them, we keep coming back for more. And one of the best places in the world for a close encounter with these wonderful creatures is Monkey Mia … the home of