BOTH WAYS: The majority of Greeks want to remain in the eurozone, but a referendum overwhelmingly rejected austerity measures associated with the recent bailout package. Photo: iStockphoto

Succour no more, Europe tells Greece

The Greek financial crisis bears an eerie similarity to events in Athens thousands of years earlier.


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Mt Lawley
We all know Greece faces many challenges but your Opinion included many errors that must be corrected so that readers are not misled as to the true situation (page 28, July 20). Firstly, you quoted Mr Konstantinos Karamanlis as a predecessor Prime Minister from 1955 to 1964 who should share the blame for “Greece’s troubles” . But his post-world war 2 service was marked by a rate of GDP growth which rivaled West Germany’s and Japan’s even after Greece had suffered occupation, starvation, civil war and 7% national mortality during the 1940s. Second, The Economist’s undated observation on the composition of the Syriza party was made obsolete last week when 38 of Mr Tsipras’ 149 MPs (25%) defected and Greece’s Parliament agreed to the Eurozone’s support ( The Independent, UK, 17 July 2015 : ). Third, the present union of Greece eventuated in just 1948 hence quoting The Australian’s Dr Ergas on the 1820s war of independence , the Greco-Turkish war of 1919-1921 and assistance in the fight against the communists from 1944-1948 is unreasonable. Fourth, why would you not clarify to readers that most non-communist European nations as well as “..Greece’s economy got back on its feet…” after the war because they received high debt relief, low tariffs, large investment and other international assistance? Germany for example had her debt cut by half in 1953 (New York Times 7 July 2015: ). Why not add that the war reparations were also significantly discounted as a sign of post-war international goodwill ? Fifth, how relevant is Lady Thatcher’s questioned quotation of Edward Gibbon’s version of the fall of Athens 2000 years ago ( Sixth, readers should be informed that debt relief and other economic stimuli have been used for more than 200 years to assist the recovery of scores of sovereign debt crises ( Reinhart and Rogoff, 2010 : ) . Please correct each of the above in the next issue and acknowledge that large businesses in Perth are supporting Greece’s recovery ( Business News, 6 July,2015 ).

South Perth
Con, Stop attempting, and badly at that, to defend the indefensible. Greece - under a number of governments - has wilfully squandered over a third of a trillion of other peoples' Euros. That is indefensible, as I suspect you fully realise. Your long-winded attempt to justify this disgraceful and squalid record does you no credit. All I can say is: Let us Pray for Greece. Joseph Poprzeczny.

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