19/04/2018 - 05:18

Spectur bags military order for surveillance cameras

19/04/2018 - 05:18


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ASX-listed security surveillance company Spectur has nailed its first military order for the cutting-edge HD4 camera system after securing authorised supplier status with the Australian Department of Defence. The Department placed a $50,000 purchase order for the Perth-based company flagship security camera system and Spectur is confident of further orders for its innovative thermal camera system.

Spectur bags military order for surveillance cameras
Nowhere to hide : Spectur's thermal camera picks up an intruder in complete darkness

ASX-listed security surveillance company Spectur has secured a milestone purchase order for its HD4 security camera system from the Australian military after being listed as an authorised supplier for the Department of Defence.

In a market update on Tuesday, Spectur said the $50,000 order for its lead product represented its first military order since landing itself on the official supplier list for the Department of Defence.

Spectur, which produces high-definition security camera networks that are solar powered and work wirelessly in any location where 3G or 4G mobile access is available, said the order was a landmark moment given it had long identified military sites as a strategic opportunity for its surveillance systems.

The company’s HD4 security camera system is a solar powered and battery backed-security system that can be remotely accessed and works using mobile technology linked to a cloud-based platform.

In the latest update, Spectur also said it was confident that being an authorised military supplier would lead to further opportunities, including potentially supplying the Australian military with the company’s new range of stand- alone thermal camera systems.

That system uses the latest heat-based imaging technology to reliably detect people and vehicles up to 300m away in the dark, with ranges of up to 2km possible in some settings.

Like the HD4, the thermal system is very quick to deploy and doesn’t require hard wired power or communications networks to operate.

Spectur Managing Director Peter Holton said: Spectur has cleared a major hurdle by being added to the Defence Departments supplier list, which means we can now be considered for defence procurement contracts. The order shows how the Company is meeting its goals of moving into new industries and markets.”

“We see a market for our high-tech surveillance products for use in protecting military infrastructure both in Australia and in overseas territories.”

"Our thermal camera systems have a slightly different value proposition to our HD4 cameras in that they can be used to detect movement in complete darkness, over very long distances.”

Since listing last year, Spectur has established operations in four states and managed to collect up an impressive group of large industrial clients including the likes of Lend Lease, Rio Tinto, Iluka Mining and others.

The rapidly growing Perth company already has over 1,100 cameras deployed in the field.


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