02/06/2020 - 12:52

Perth's Premier Arborists

02/06/2020 - 12:52


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Geoff’s Tree Service Pty Ltd (GTS) is an ISO certified organisation providing professional arboriculture and tree maintenance services for over 25 years. It employs just under 25 staff members. GTS is fully equipped, licensed and one of the premier arborists in WA.

GTS has core expertise in safety and efficiency of Tree Management Services, with a track record in delivering high quality of specialised services with an extensive fleet of licensed equipment.  

Key things to remember:

1.     GTS has the highest number of qualified & experienced arborist in comparison to its peers.

2.     GTS has the latest ISO 45001 certification in safety unlike its peers.

3.     GTS is the only arboriculture company to receive a Silver Certificate for Excellence in Safety by WORKSAFE in Western Australia.

4.     GTS has ZERO (0) LOSS TO INJURY TIME in over 6 years.

5.     GTS has over $6mil investment on plant & equipment & 2 operational hubs for strategic geographical services such as:

  1. Tree Pruning
  2. Tree Removal
  3. Stump Grinding
  4. Root Barrier
  5. Cabling & Bracing
  6. Systemic Injection
  7. Tissue Analysis
  8. Site Clearing
  9. Conservation Vegetation Management
  10. Power line Clearance
  11. Tree Protection Zone (TPZ)
  12. Vegetation Management
  13. Emergency Call Out
  14. Arboricultural Consulting
  15. Mature Tree Transplants
  16. Pest & Disease Management
  17. Wood Chip (Mulch) Sales
  18. Woody Weed Management
  19. Firebreak Clearing

Our experience as ‘Tree Surgeons’ gives GTS the confidence to make the claim, that we are a leading Arboriculture company in WA.


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