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Machine learning mavericks meet Perth mainstream

A group of emerging Perth minds is using machine learning for everything from power grids to poetry.

US giant finds Perth partner

One of the US’s biggest players in commercial property is using Perth as a launchpad to building a presence across Australia and the Asia-Pacific, establishing an alliance with local agency Vicus Property Group to underpin its plan.

Small-scale brewing’s next frontier

One of WA’s most experienced hospitality professionals is helping lower the barriers to enter the craft beer industry.

Beware the school leader’s blind spots

OPINION: Those of us who have learned to drive a motor vehicle will no doubt recall the driving instructor alerting us to ‘blind spots’, the parts of the road to the side and slightly behind your vehicle that you can’t see in your side or rear view mirrors.

Time to get emotional about school leaders

OPINION: When teachers, students and parents reflect on their most admired school leader, what do you think springs to mind?

Flinders disclosure concerns mount

Many minority shareholders of Flinders Mines have voiced discontent at the conduct of their board.

Leeway for women in Austal apprenticeship approach

Austal chief executive David Singleton believes the shipbuilder needs to gain a critical mass of female workers to permanently make an impact on gender equality in the industry.

WA more than paying its way

Recently released numbers show Western Australia’s net contribution to the the federation was a whopping $15.5 billion during the 2018 financial year, while also indicating a long running debate about federal health funding cuts in the state was off the mark.

Innovation at heart of Stirling, MJA team

Two Perth property companies have helped shift perceptions around apartment living, with a long-running commitment to design innovation.

Tech scene: Plaak

Plaak utilises its proprietary Phaeton Blockchain technology to function as a secure digital wallet and facilitate instantaneous peer to peer transactions of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Verge and other popular digital currencies.

Beware the billions for businesses

Opinion: While politicians are showering favoured industries in cash this federal election, voters should remember the recent train wreck of Carnegie Clean Energy as a reminder that subsidies for businesses can flop badly.

GST fix helps state into surplus

WA BUDGET: Federal infrastructure grants and reform of the GST have helped the state government project a $1.5 billion operating surplus in the upcoming financial year, although funding for the Ellenbrook rail line is largely absent.

Contractors position for market rebound

WA’s commercial construction bosses remain cautiously optimistic, even as the industry reels from the longest and largest contraction of activity ever recorded.

Coleman's carbon concerns continue

The federal Labor opposition needs to lock down the details of its emissions policy before the impact will be clear, according to Woodside chief executive Peter Coleman, but the ability to buy international offsets will be key to keeping the cost of carbon reduction low.

Sharper focus on shielding subbies

Security of payments has been a hot topic of debate in WA construction, as the state government considers options to protect subcontractors.

Mining legend helped shape WA

Mining icon Sir Arvi Parbo, whose achievements included concurrently chairing three of Australia’s largest companies - BHP, Western Mining Corporation and Alcoa of Australia - has passed away at the age of 93.

Leaders make WA pledges ahead of debate

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has promised 1000 shipbuilding jobs at Henderson, and opposition leader Bill Shorten has pledged $75 million towards mining exploration, ahead of their debate tonight in Perth.

Personal stories underpin long-term support

Three prominent Perth businessmen are proving the importance of individual connection to motivate sustained financial backing.

Friend or threat – looking at the heart of Huawei

Debate around the selection of Huawei to roll out the communications network for Metronet is just an example close to home of how the western world is grappling with the rise of the Chinese company as a technology powerhouse.

Tech scene: ClimateClever

ClimateClever is an online program that enables schools to reduce carbon emissions associated with electricity, gas, water and waste, save money on utility bills and improve student learning around sustainability, climate change and carbon reduction.

Huawei still keen for Aussie 5G work

Huawei deputy chair Ken Hu has argued that moves by western countries to stop the Chinese company participating in rollout of next generation telecommunications technology will reduce competitive tension in the sector and hold back innovation.