23/12/2020 - 15:26

Leadership shift at Cannings Purple

23/12/2020 - 15:26


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Cannings Purple's Annette Ellis, Keith Jones and Warwick Hazeldine.

Communications consultancy Cannings Purple has shifted one of its founding directors, Warrick Hazeldine, from managing director to non-executive chair of the board following the retirement of outgoing chair Keith Jones on January 31st next year.

Cannings Purple’s current chief executive, Annette Ellis, will also move, to the vacating managing director’s role.

The company’s board said they were pleased that Mr Hazeldine was taking up the appointment, as well as Ms Ellis’ move into her new role.

“Warrick, one of our firm’s founding directors, had the entrepreneurial vision to grow a small firm of two, founded in 2004, to become the biggest strategic communications company in WA,” the board announced.

“Annette joined Cannings Purple in 2008, and has very capably managed our operations since 2017.

“The business will continue to benefit from her people-first approach and we look forward to her leadership in the years ahead.

"We are deeply grateful to outgoing chair, Keith Jones for his exemplary governance and valuable contribution to our strategic direction and we wish him every success in his various endeavours."


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