12/02/2020 - 17:43

Insolvency appointments February 1 to 11 2020

12/02/2020 - 17:43


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There have been 14 insolvency appointments to Western-Australian-incorporated companies in the first 11 days of February.

FirmAppointee/SolicitorRoleCompany NamePublished Date
Palisade Business ConsultingJack Robert JamesliquidatorLostel Pty Ltd11/02/2020
Cor CordisJeremy Joseph NippsliquidatorBerwitch Corporation Pty Ltd t/a Subway Armadale11/02/2020
HLB Mann JuddKimberley Stuart WallmanliquidatorKarriview Management Pty Ltd11/02/2020
WA Insolvency SolutionsJimmy TrpcevskiadministratorHowcon Pty Ltd t/a "Affordable Garage Doors" and "Country Leisure Centre"10/02/2020
Ticcidew InsolvencySimon Roger CoadadministratorCockburn Central Cosmetic and Medical Clinic Pty Ltd7/02/2020
PwCMelissa Janet Mary HumannliquidatorSwarbrick & Swarbrick Yachts Pty Ltd6/02/2020
Hall ChadwickCameron ShawliquidatorLHE Labour Hire Pty Ltd5/02/2020
SV PartnersMalcolm FieldliquidatorKosmic Electronic Industries Pty Ltd t/a Kosmic Sound5/02/2020
SM Solvency AccountantsBrendan NixonliquidatorEastern Business Pty Ltd5/02/2020
SM Solvency AccountantsBrendan NixonliquidatorWestern Business Pty Ltd5/02/2020
HLB Mann JuddKimberley Stuart WallmanadministratorMainpeak Pty Ltd4/02/2020
SM Solvency AccountantsBrendan NixonliquidatorD & D Communications Pty Ltd4/02/2020
WA Insolvency SolutionsGreg Mathew ProutliquidatorK & K (WA) Pty Ltd formerly trading in partnership as Coastal Distributing & Provedoring4/02/2020
MeertensJames S McPhersonliquidatorMidform Pty Ltd formerly trading in partnership as Coastal Distributing & Provedoring3/02/2020


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