23/11/2015 - 15:08

Incontinence device appeals to surprising new market

23/11/2015 - 15:08


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Incontinence device appeals to surprising new market
Peri-Coach anti incontinence device

ASX listed medical device company Analytica say that their incontinence device known as the Peri-Coach system may well appeal to females that are suffering from sexual dis-function following a survey of 124 of its users.

The Peri-Coach device and system is designed to help women overcome incontinence problems by assisting them to correctly exercise and strengthen their pelvic floor muscles associated with incontinence.

The Peri-Coach device is able to send a signal to an IPhone App after insertion, to alert the user that the correct muscle is being exercised during an anti-incontinence exercise session. Without the use of the Peri-Coach it is very difficult to determine if the correct muscle is being exercised in the correct way in order to overcome incontinence.

After receiving market feedback recently, Analytica decided to survey 124 of its Peri-Coach users asking them if they had experienced improvements in sexual function after using the Peri-Coach with some very interesting results.

Of the 124 people surveyed, 80 reported that they had poor to average sexual satisfaction before using the Peri-Coach and more than a third reported an increase in sexual satisfaction after using the Peri-Coach.

Analytica Chairman Dr Michael Monsour added that: “This positive feedback from users of PeriCoach underlines the potential for the device to treat a lack of sexual satisfaction in women.  Our user feedback showing an increase in sexual satisfaction in more than a third of women is an enormous market, and all without any side effects.”

Analytica points to developments with a drug manufactured by US based Sprout Pharmaceuticals known as “pink Viagra” to make the case that the sexual dis-function market is a sizable one and one that it is burgeoning worldwide.

Despite the fact that Pink Viagra has a long list of side effects and only 10% of users reported an improved sexual experience, Sprout was acquired by a wholly-owned subsidiary of Valeant Pharmaceuticals for US$1 billion.

Analytica is now undertaking a post-approval, randomised clinical trial which will provide independent clinical data on the use of Peri-Coach for the female sexual dysfunction market which it believes is sizeable in Australia. 



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