Healthy focus pays off

15/07/2003 - 22:00


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Healthy focus pays off

ACCORDING to WA-based research, healthy eating promotions are having a positive effect on food and beverage purchasing decisions made by Perth consumers. 

The research report, Food in a Hurry – food and beverage purchasing behaviour and perceptions of a healthier approach to eating, highlighted that a significant number of people consider their health before purchasing food and that people are prepared to pay more to have their food prepared freshly for them.

Conducted by Service Audits and Market Research WA, the survey also showed that consumers paying for freshly prepared food are happy to wait up to “six minutes plus”.

Service Audits and Market Research WA project manager Carole Walker said the survey reflected that healthy eating advertising was having an impact on consumers.

“Looking at the results of this research it appears that consumers are taking some notice of the advertising campaigns promoting healthier eating regimen and lifestyle,” she said.

“Many rate the importance of a healthier approach in the choice of particular foods and beverages that they consume as ‘very’ or ‘extremely important’; however, as some aspects of the results highlight, there is still some way to go in the education process.

The report states that 46 per cent of respondents consider their health before making purchasing decisions (26 per cent were female and 20 per cent were male) and that 12 per cent occasionally consider their health.

Slightly less than a third of consumers purchasing prepared and or pre-packaged food options directly from cabinets were prepared to wait at a service counter for up to three minutes, while 50 per cent were prepared to wait five minutes.



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