11/03/2022 - 17:12

Goldfields expansion highlights growth of UON’s energy solutions

11/03/2022 - 17:12


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Goldfields expansion highlights growth of UON’s energy solutions
Remote power station establishment

Delivering the energy and dewatering solutions needed by mining clients throughout Western Australia, UON Pty Ltd has for the first time expanded its geographical footprint, establishing a dedicated facility in Kalgoorlie.

New projects, expanded operations and temporary requirements are all catered for and with increased levels of UON equipment in operation at mine sites throughout in the region, UON’s customers will directly benefit from the services provided locally in the Goldfields.

Power generation, dewatering solutions, equipment hire, construction and renewable solutions will all be provided through the Goldfields branch, further supported by UON’s ongoing Perth operations.

UON General Manager Energy, Wesley Eate said UON’s facility was focused on providing direct and local support to the Goldfields, with local service personnel and support.

UON has continued to identify solutions to support the operations of miners throughout Western Australia, and Kalgoorlie was a logical next step,” Wesley said.

“Our growth, our technology and the demand for our equipment mean the best way for UON to support our clients is to expand our footprint.

“Having the people and right equipment in Kalgoorlie helps us to support our growing customer base. Local availability means shorter turn-around times and better service.”

As the signage goes up on the 10 Hunter Street facility in West Kalgoorlie, UON is backing the Goldfields expansion with investments in a range of new equipment to support local mining operations across short and long-term hire requirements.

Large scale turkeys nest development 

The addition of renewable energy solutions means UON’s clients can further increase their energy efficiency and realise operational expenditure savings, without risking reliability.

UON SMART™ energy solutions are Scalable, Modular, Automated, Renewable and Temperature-controlled – delivering capital and operational expenditure savings in addition to decarbonisation benefits to WA resources companies.

UON has a proud history of innovation, developing and delivering integrated off-grid power and dewatering solutions. We offer complete turnkey solutions that cater for our client’s requirements at all stages of their operations,’ Wesley said.

From exploration, development, operation or expansion, UON delivers both temporary and permanent solutions with equipment built specifically for the harsh Australian environment.

“From a single dewatering bore to a dedicated power station to run the whole mine site, we can configure the most efficient solution for operational success,” Wesley said.

Developed to manage the input of renewable energy sources, UON’s hybrid energy solutions have changed the role of fossil fuels to that of being the back-up energy source. And with the energy needs of mining operations varying dramatically, UON has a redeployable solar solution that creates flexibility for powering different operational needs at varying scales.

The services and equipment that UON provides to its mining customers have direct and scalable application across operations in numerous other sectors.

Mine site dewatering solutions 

“We are not only powering direct mining operations, but our renewable packages of solar and batteries can provide power for mining camps and administrative areas, while agriculture can also benefit from off-grid operations that are reliable and efficient,” Wesley said.

The company’s expansion to Kalgoorlie continues UON’s vertically integrated supply chain, providing complete turnkey solutions to clients’ energy needs.

“We are far more than your average energy hire company,” Wesley added.

UON has been the number one supplier of power and water infrastructure for the Pilbara in the last 20 years, and we are now bringing that to the Goldfields.”

Helping its clients to get up and running as they establish new projects, as well as those who are expanding their operations, UON delivers not only the equipment, but builds the infrastructure needed too.

From the forming and lining of large turkey nests, trenching and installing pipelines, drilling and installation of bores and headworks, through to providing the pumps and the power, UON has the knowledge, equipment and skills to manufacture and deliver the needed infrastructure.

Having provided customers with hundreds of generators and pumps that are in service at mines and other locations, UON are able to further support customers with the ongoing maintenance of the equipment, including major overhauls. UON’s workshop facilities can provide complete rebuild and refurbishing services, returning the equipment back to its clients in virtually ‘as new’ condition.

Our commitment is to keep you on and keep you operational, and our solutions are creating CAPEX and OPEX savings across the mining sector without risking the critical energy security needed.


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