03/05/2022 - 09:00

UON: Energy For Every Future

03/05/2022 - 09:00


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UON: Energy For Every Future
UON is continuing to integrate solar, wind and battery technology to power mining operations and remote industry.

When it comes to remote energy and water management infrastructure, UON has the SMART solutions that WA’s resources sector needs.

Integrating renewable technology with UON’s patented fuel saving solutions, UON is enabling clients to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and help decarbonise their mining operations. With verified reporting data, the solutions are achieved without risking energy security and operational flexibility.

Industry leaders in delivering pumping solutions for dewatering, tailings and even potable water requirements, UON SMART™ Solutions are Scalable, Modular, Automated, Renewable and Temperature-controlled. Clients get the right equipment for the task.

UON Director and Chief Operations Officer, Kenny Keogh said the WA company has delivered turnkey solutions for off-grid infrastructure throughout the State’s resources sector for more than 24 years.

“The continued reinvestment into our solutions has been outpaced by demand as our clients are making instant savings,” Mr Keogh said.

“Our commitment to supporting clients is a promise represented by our name - we will keep yoU ON, we will keep you operational.”

UON’s history of innovation and solutions encompasses technology across its production, hire, construction, maintenance, parts and service, and operational support divisions, with its products specifically built for operating in the harsh Australian environment.

Energy solutions

Whether it is a large-scale power station, at-scale water management activities, site support services, workshop and facilities power, or isolated dewatering pumps, UON has the full turn-key energy solutions required for established operations, to support expanding or relocating projects and full greenfield developments.

Developed by the research and development team at UON’s Malaga facilities and built specifically for the harsh Pilbara environment, the patented Generator Motor Controller (GMC) system is a unique, fuel-efficient, variable speed generator that eliminates the need for conventional motor starting systems. Its operational efficiency means reduced fossil fuel use and provides customers with genuine, competitive advantages over other products currently in market.

UON has partnered with TYMLEZ to provide its customers a verifiable carbon emissions reporting solution for de-watering operations. The fully verified, secure, and immutable emissions reporting technology can be deployed across client dewatering activities.


From a stand-alone dewatering pump, turkey’s nests, floating pontoons, standpipe applications, waste tailings pumping, potable water or complete borefields, UON is able to develop and scale water management solutions to support its customers.

Rental equipment

The changing energy needs of clients are supported by UON through its array of hire equipment. UON’s expanding fleet of equipment now sits at over 2000 different assets.


UON’s construction team of full-time onsite employees, expands to well over 150 people, delivering multi-disciplined projects.


Local Malaga manufacturing and assembly facilities enable UON to manage supply chain requirements to support timely project delivery. Supported by operations in Kalgoorlie and its own international supply facilities in China, UON has more than 40,000 square metres of manufacturing space.

Parts and Service

UON’s service extends well beyond equipment supply and installation, providing extensive support to customers with parts, service and advice. Servicing products in-house and on site, UON provides effective and fast service, be it for preventative maintenance, operational repairs or equipment overhauls and rebuilds.


UON’s in-house design and engineering capabilities deliver an extensive range of leading products and projects. Developing the right solutions and equipment to specifically handle the applications and harsh operating environments has been at the core of UON’s client service since its establishment. Closely linked to UON’s manufacturing operations, customers benefit from their required specifications and quality processes being directly connected.

Research and Development

UON’s commitment to innovation includes a team dedicated to researching and developing innovative solutions. A range of patented technologies deliver customers equipment that is fit-for-purpose, relevant to their needs and proven in the field. This is then manufactured, monitored, maintained and supported end-to-end by UON with continual improvement.

To further support the demand for its products and services, UON has this year expanded its physical presence in the WA, establishing a dedicated facility in the Goldfields with local personnel and additional equipment to deliver local solutions.

“We are proudly a WA company. We employ local people, we create our ideas here, we manufacture the solutions, and we provide the service and support direct to our clients,” Mr Keogh said.

UON is committed to developing Energy for Every Future, through smarter, more reliable energy solutions that improve operating performance.

“We haven’t just been talking about decarbonisation - we are manufacturing and delivering projects for our customers,” Mr Keogh said.

“The UON business has been on an amazing journey. We have the best of what everyone likes, from design, manufacture, rental, renewables, construction and after-care support.

“I truly believe we have the best team in Australia to deliver on our strategy,” Mr Keogh said.

R&D testing at UON’s Malaga workshop.


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