Brendon Grylls says the GST allows Victoria to benefit from WA’s onshore gas production while it is banned in that state. Photo: Attila Csaszar

Coming off second best when national costs are ‘shared’

Rising gas prices on the east coast have highlighted yet another anomaly in the GST structure that costs WA.


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When it comes to distributing the GST, there is only ONE fair and equitable way. Each state gets 75% of what they contribute. The other 25% gets distributed to those states in "need". This allows successful states to benefit and not be hindered as in the case of WA where at one stage only 31c out of every GST dollar went back to WA.

To date, Chevron's Gorgon project shipped 39 cargoes of LNG which attracted a revenue of about $850 million. selling LNG will means chevron also sold condensate with about the same revenue hence, about $ 1.7 billion of revenue for chevron....what is the revenue for AUSTRALIA...IS IT ZEERROOO!!!!!

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