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Board Moves December 2, 2021

02/12/2021 - 19:46


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Our board moves wrap includes Ryan Stokes, Margaret Hall, Danielle Carter, Trish White, David Acton, Mark Twycross, Sophie Raven, Gregory Gettingby, Michael Stirzaker, Patricia Farr, and Jutta Zimmermann.

Board Moves December 2, 2021

Beach Energy has appointed Ryan Stokes as an alternate director for Margaret Hall.

BWP Trust has appointed Danielle Carter as non-executive director. Ms Carter has over 25 years of combined real estate and financial services industry experience.

K-TIG has appointed Trish White AM and David Acton as non-executive directors, following the resignation of Mark Twycross. Ms White is a professional director and advisor with extensive board-level experience in strategy, business development, major project and risk management, acquisition and integration, and corporate governance. Mr Acton has extensive international equity capital markets experience, and longstanding relationships with institutional investors in Australia and internationally.

Sophie Raven has taken over from Gregory Gettingby as company secretary of Macmahon Holdings. Ms Raven has extensive experience in corporate governance of listed entities and is a legal practitioner in Western Australia. Mr Gettingby will be resigning as the company’s chief development officer on 22 January.

Michael Stirzaker has resigned as non-executive director of Prodigy Gold. Mr Stirzaker has been on the board since December 2018. The company has also appointed Patricia Farr as alternate company secretary, to cover annual leave periods of the current company secretary Jutta Zimmermann. Ms Farr is an experienced Chartered Secretary and principal of Farr Corporate, who provides company secretarial services to a small portfolio of ASX-listed and unlisted companies predominately in the mineral resources, research and health sectors in Western Australia.


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