04/08/2020 - 17:34

Board Moves August 4, 2020

04/08/2020 - 17:34


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Our board moves wrap includes Sarah Smith, Terry Donnelly, Mark Hancock, Tony Sage, N Baijendra Kumar, Fiona van Maanen, Michael Jefferies, Trevor Benson, Francis Lim, Hao Wen, and Wing Kee Cheng.

Board Moves August 4, 2020

Sarah Smith has resigned as joint company secretary of 88 Energy.

Cape Lambert Resources has appointed Terry Donnelly as non-executive chair, Mark Hancock has resigned as non-executive director, and Tony Sage will transition from an executive chair to executive director. Mr Donnelly began his career in the banking industry, subsequently becoming a management consultant specialising in export marketing in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Japan.

N Baijendra Kumar has retired as non-executive chair of Legacy Iron Ore.

Fiona Van Maanen has replaced Michael Jefferies as non-executive director of Pantoro.  Ms Van Maanen is a Certified Practicing Accountant with approximately 25 years of experience in corporate governance, financial management and accounting within the mining industry. Mr Jefferies was non-executive chair from October 2016 to February 2020 before transitioning to the role of an independent non-executive director in February 2020.

Wolf Minerals has appointed Trevor Benson and Francis Lim as non-executive directors, following the resignations of Hao Wen and Wing Kee Cheng from the board.


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