Analytica's "Peri Coach"medical device

Australian incontinence device achieves Chinese patent

ASX listed Analytica have achieved patent protection for their unique medical device in one of the worlds most populous markets.

The People’s Republic of China recently granted Analytica’s patent application for the company’s “Peri-Coach” pelvic floor force sensing device.

The Peri-Coach was designed to eliminate or greatly reduce urinary incontinence, a condition afflicting nearly 230 million Chinese women according to the company.

Repeated pelvic floor exercises, done correctly, can eliminate or reduce urinary incontinence, especially in women that are suffering from the condition post child birth.

However, before the advent of the Peri-Coach, there was no way for women to ensure that their pelvic floor exercises were being done correctly and therefore many women were spending many hours performing exercises to no avail.

The Peri-Coach is able to send a signal to a smart phone to allow the user to determine if the correct series of pelvic floor muscles are being exercised.

The results from the Peri-Coach can also be loaded to a web portal enabling a remote physician to determine if the exercises are being done effectively or not.

The Peri-Coach also has patents pending for it in the USA, India, Brazil, Australia, Europe and Japan.

Analytica CEO Geoff Daly said  “Patent protection is critical in licencing negotiations as it affords the licencing partner freedom to operate in the market.  China and other emerging markets are a major part of our global strategy for the PeriCoach system.  Securing these markets is of significant value to future partners.”

Interestingly the company says that a survey of users of the Peri-Coach showed that a remarkable number of women reported an increase in sexual function after using the Peri-Coach potentially opening up a whole new market place.

In another recent positive development, the Peri-Coach received American Food and Drug Administration approval to be sold over the counter without a doctors prescription potentially expanding its market exponentially.

The company’s plan is to seek international partners in each jurisdiction to license the product to.

In a separate development Analytica recently achieved patent protection in the USA for their second medical device known as the “Autostart Burette’ .

The AutoStart burette is the little disposable chamber that sits in the line of an IV medical drip for the purposes of injecting medicine into a patient via the drip.

Burette’s are disposed of approximately every 24 hours when a new one is inserted into the IV drip line making them a major consumable item in the health industry.

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