Adele Carles

Buswell resignation forces reshuffle

Premier Colin Barnett will be forced to undertake another cabinet reshuffle in the lead up to May's state budget after the resignation of Treasurer and Transport Minister Troy Buswell.

Lack of uniform swing hurts Labor

Labor may have set the agenda for the campaign in recent weeks, but the government holds the whip hand due to a combination of factors.

Maturity, discretion political tools

As an election year approaches, Colin Barnett finds himself nursing a headache despite not having done the drinking.

Race tightens as parties make final dash

There have been plenty of highs and lows in state politics as the major parties turn for home in the race to the state election next March.

More govt departments heading out to the 'burbs

Fremantle, Stirling and Murdoch are set to receive an economic boost, with the state government announcing plans to relocate 80,000 square metres of office space from the CBD to suburban locations.

Carles looks to stop rare earths exports

Lynas Corporation has hit a stumbling block in its plan to export 33,000 tonnes of rare earths concentrate through Fremantle Port each year, in the form of independent MLA Adele Carles.

Tale of two ports highlights the politics of infrastructure

Ports such as Fremantle and Oakajee are vital, yet problematic, for the state’s development.

Export block bad for business: Ripper

Opposition Leader Eric Ripper says the state government has sent a bad signal to business by side-stepping the usual environmental assessment procedures and blocking iron ore exports from Fremantle Port.

CCC clears Barnett, Carles

The premier and the member for Fremantle Adele Carles have been cleared of any misconduct by the Corruption and Crime Commission, over an alleged voting arrangement in return for an extra staffer.

Buswell denies misusing taxpayers money

Premier Colin Barnett has stood by his decision to force the resignation of Troy Buswell after the former treasurer today reversed his position, claiming he had not abused parliamentary entitlements during his affair with Greens MP Adele Carles.

Barnett expected to dump Buswell

UPDATE: Premier Colin Barnett is widely tipped to dump treasurer Troy Buswell from the ministry when they meet on Tuesday morning.

Trade players reject sheep ban call

LOCAL business and industry groups have rejected calls for a ban on the export of live sheep from Fremantle Port.

Carles wins Fremantle by-election

GREENS candidate Adele Carles claimed a historic victory in a Fremantle by-election over mayor Peter Tagliaferri.