Murdoch University

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Company Activity

Matthew Evans
NEW ROLE: Matthew Evans, Director Student and Library Services25 Feb 2021
Amy House
NEW ROLE: Amy House, Director Advancement25 Feb 2021
Chanelle van den Berg
NEW ROLE: Chanelle van den Berg, Pro Vice Chancellor Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leadership25 Feb 2021
Kylie Readman
NEW ROLE: Kylie Readman, Pro Vice Chancellor Education25 Feb 2021
Grant O'Neill
NEW ROLE: Grant O'Neill, Pro Vice Chancellor Colleges25 Feb 2021
Tracy Chang
NEW ROLE: Tracy Chang, Manager Financial Accounting25 Feb 2021
Frank Laezza
NEW ROLE: Frank Laezza, Chief Financial Officer25 Feb 2021
Lucy Johnston
NEW ROLE: Lucy Johnston, Pro Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation)25 Feb 2021
Peter Waring
NEW ROLE: Peter Waring, Pro Vice Chancellor Singapore25 Feb 2021
Jeremy Nicholson
NEW ROLE: Jeremy Nicholson, Pro Vice Chancellor (Health Futures); Director of the Australian National Phenome Centre25 Feb 2021


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