Miners' Promise

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Miners’ Promise is an independent not-for-profit organisation established to support resources sector employees across the Australian mining, oil & gas and construction industries. Its fundamental service is the practical, emotional and financial support provided to families following a significant crisis event or death.

Miners’ Promise was established in 2010 by people impacted by workplace fatality, led by Helen Fitzroy who faced the emotional and financial hardship of unexpectedly losing her husband Steve in a workplace accident in 1991.

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Level 10, 2 Mill Street, PERTH WA 6000

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Sue Harfield
NEW ROLE: Sue Harfield, Company Secretary26 Jun 2020
Catherine Milliner
NEW ROLE: Catherine Milliner, Non-Executive Director26 Jun 2020
Nicola Bedwood
NEW ROLE: Nicola Bedwood, Non-Executive Director26 Jun 2020
Martijn Bosboom
NEW ROLE: Martijn Bosboom, Non-Executive Director26 Jun 2020
Rebecca Morton-Stephens
NEW ROLE: Rebecca Morton-Stephens, Non-Executive Director26 Jun 2020
Franko Roberts
NEW ROLE: Franko Roberts, Non-Executive Director26 Jun 2020
Elizabeth Vuletich
NEW ROLE: Elizabeth Vuletich, Non-Executive Director26 Jun 2020
Ian Murray
NEW ROLE: Ian Murray, Non-Executive Director26 Jun 2020
Richard Kern
NEW ROLE: Richard Kern, Non-Executive Chair26 Jun 2020
NEWS: Tagged in Appointments June 26, 202025 Jun 2020


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