Linc Property

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Based in Perth, Western Australia, Linc Property was an award winning developer and owner of industrial property.

Linc was one of the largest private developers of industrial land in Western Australia having delivered 5 significant industrial estates collectively representing approximately 230 hectares and over $1 billion in end value.

In July 2020, Linc merged with Fini Group to form Hesperia.

Company Activity

BGC to buy Midland Brick
NEWS: Tagged in BGC to buy Midland Brick 17 Sep 2020
Hesperia launches industrial project
NEWS: Tagged in Hesperia launches industrial project 31 Aug 2020
Team players Fini and Lisle prosper
NEWS: Tagged in Team players Fini and Lisle prosper23 Jul 2020
Fini Group, Linc to merge
NEWS: Tagged in Fini Group, Linc to merge30 Jun 2020

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