Established in WA: 1891
Level 7-9 Brookfield Place, Tower 2, 123 St Georges Terrace, PERTH, 6000
08 9365 7000

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Notable People

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 Most Senior WA Executive.

NamePositionYear Started
Richard Deutsch
Richard Deutsch
Chief Executive Officer2018
Michael McNulty
Michael McNulty
Managing Partner, Western Australia2002
John Anderson
John Anderson
Executive Consultant, Deloitte Consulting2018
Dave Andrews
Dave Andrews
Partner, Audit & Assurance
Assurance & Advisory (2003 to 2007)
Melissa Bell
Melissa Bell
Partner, Human Capital Consulting & Head of Leader-Led Change Team
Management Consultant (London) (2008 to 2011)
Warren Burnett
Warren Burnett
Chief Technology Officer, Human Capital Consulting2019
Fiona Cahill
Fiona Cahill
Partner, Tax2014
Will Campbell
Will Campbell
Partner, Corporate Tax 2016
Nigel Court
Nigel Court
Partner, Consulting2016
Bernadette Cullinane
Bernadette Cullinane
National Leader, Oil & Gas2016
Matthew Donnelly
Matthew Donnelly
Partner, Financial Advisory2017
Neville Gardiner
Neville Gardiner
Partner, Financial Advisory2016
Iain Gerrard
Iain Gerrard
Managing Partner, Enterprise Programs and Corporate Services; COO, SEA Consulting (from 2016)2002
Aidan Gordon
Aidan Gordon
Associate Director2016
Jamie Hamilton
Jamie Hamilton
Partner, Consulting2006
Julie Harrison
Julie Harrison
Partner, Consulting; Regional Competency Lead, Human Capital2008
Nicki Ivory
Nicki Ivory
Partner, Financial Advisory; National Mining Leader2004
Chris Jenkins
Chris Jenkins
Partner, Tax2018
Lauren Jones
Lauren Jones
Partner, Tax2018
Matt Judkins
Matt Judkins
Partner, Deloitte Access Economics (from 2013)2010
Leanne Karamfiles
Leanne Karamfiles
Partner, Assurance & Advisory2003
Angelo Karelis
Angelo Karelis
Partner, Consulting
Consultant (1993 to 1999)
George Kyriakacis
George Kyriakacis
Partner, Tax (since 2007)1998
Martin Langridge
Martin Langridge
Partner, Forensic (since 1998)1996
Jonathon Leek
Partner & Director, Deloitte Lawyers2016
Mike Lynn
Mike Lynn
Partner, Consulting2006
Jillian McCorkindale
Jillian McCorkindale
Partner, Private Tax
Tax Manager (2000 to 2005)
Jonathan McCormick
Jonathan McCormick
Partner, Consulting (since 2017)2005
Nicole Menezes
Nicole Menezes
Partner, Deloitte Private2010
David Newman
David Newman
Partner, Audit & Assurance (since 2006)2000
David Ocello
David Ocello
Partner, Tax (since 2011)2008
Jacqui Peachey
Jacqui Peachey
Partner, Deloitte Private2018
Tim Richards
Tim Richards
Partner, Clients & Markets (since 2015)2004
Corrie Scheepers
Corrie Scheepers
Partner, Human Capital Consulting & Head of Leader-Led Change Team2019
Jonathan Schneider
Jonathan Schneider
Partner, Tax2006
Michael Scott
Michael Scott
Partner, Consulting2002
Ian Skelton
Ian Skelton
Partner, Assurance & Advisory2016
Vincent Snijders
Vincent Snijders
Partner, Assurance & Advisory (since 2018)2000
Paul Snowden
Partner, Consulting2018
Lewis Stewart
Lewis Stewart
Partner, Consulting (since 2016)2007
Megan Strydom
Megan Strydom
Partner, Audit & Assurance (since 2016)2005
How Boon Tay
How Boon Tay
Partner, Risk Advisory (since 2017)2007
Michael Towler
Senior Executive Consultant (UAE); (Partner, Leader Indirect Tax Group 2000-2018)2000
Mark Upton
Mark Upton
Partner, R&D2018
Steven Walsh
Steven Walsh
Partner, Consulting2002
Marc Worley
Marc Worley
Partner, Deloitte Private2014
RuoYun Zhang
RuoYun Zhang
Analyst, Risk Advisory2018

Past People

NamePositionYear StartedYear Ended
Adam Stock Partner, Risk Advisory; WA Market Business Leader20162019
Donna Carrington Partner, Audit & Assurance; Leader of CFO Practice & Finance Advisory Practice20112019
Nick Stamatiou Head of IP Strategy & Commercialisation20162019
Gaurav Jain Senior Manager, Deloitte Digital (India) (since 2018)20172019
Cindy Hook Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Australia (from 2015)19942018
Richard Thomas Partner, Risk Advisory (from 2005)20012018
Martina Crowley Partner, Deloitte Private20142018
Fiona Lander Partner, Consulting20172018
Ron van Beek Partner, Tax20092018
Paul White Director20172018
Linda Reddi Senior Manager, Government Incentives20162018
Robin Polson Partner, Corporate Finance20052018
Keith Jones National Chairman (from 2013)19982017
Andrew Annand Partner, Financial Advisory (from 2013)19852017
Jenn Morris Partner, Consulting; Public Sector Leader20142017
Anika Reside Senior Analyst, Indirect Tax20152017
Nadine Ayers Industry Marketing Manager20172017
John Langoulant Senior Advisor20152017
Garth Ziegler Senior Analyst, Corporate Finance (since 2016)20142017
Alexandra Atkins Manager20152017
Ross Jerrard Lead Audit Partner - Assurance 2016
Scott Patrizi Corporate Finance20132016
Neil Smith Partner (Director 1995-1996)20102016
Ian Harper Partner20082016
Teresa Dyson Partner20132016
Giuseppe Lenzo Manager20142016
Damien O'Reilly Consultant (Canada)20152016
Doug Horak Business Development Manager, Deloitte Middle Market & Australia Africa Services Group20122016
Keith Skinner Chief Operating Officer, 19742015
Geoff Roberts Managing Partner, Victoria20112015
Dom Del Borrello Director, Financial Advisory20122015
Aram Madnack Audit Manager20102015
Gerhard Vorster Chief Strategy Officer20102015
Gerhard Vorster Non-Executive Director, Deloitte NZ20132015
Chris Nicoloff Partner20102015
Maitreya Speering R&D Tax Manager20112015
John Grohovaz Account Director20132015
Mitchell Atkins Senior Analyst, Financial Advisory Services20132015
Sam Lewis Partner (since 2000)19942014
Sarah-Jane Emslie Manager, Communications & Sponsorship (UK) (since 2010)20042014
Chris Loftus Senior Analyst20142014
Emma Waldon Director, Financial Advisory Services20122014
Anthony Cipriano Partner19872013
Chiara Giovanrosa Analyst, Italy20112013
Brad Kobus Client Manager20132013
Francesco Paolucci Consultant20092013
Duy Vo Director, Risk Services20102013
Dermott McVeigh Partner20092012
Sean McCormick Analyst20102012
Jodi Kerr Account Director, Deloitte Analytics20112012
Kathleen Bozanic Partner, Assurance & Advisory19942012
Doug Bell Account Director20102012
Mark Delaurentis Director, Assurance & Advisory20102012
Conley Manifis Partner20102012
Claire Newey Director20112012
Tino Kapfumo Analyst20102012
Eric Lilford Partner, Corporate Finance20072011
David Cormack Director - Strategy and Operations2011
Graham McHarrie Partner19802011
Grant Bayne Senior Manager20112011
Paul Savich Analyst, Valuations20062011
Jan West Partner19752011
Michael Perron Senior Executive, in Canada20102011
John Oesterheld Partner, Indirect Tax (since 2005)20022011
Melissa Bell Management Consultant (London)20082011
Kareece Broadway Executive Assistant20082011
Mark Chamberlain Director, Finance & Treasury Strategies20102011
Christopher Pougnault Senior Manager, Strategy & Operations, Consulting Division20082011
Donna Carrington Director20102011
Nienke van der Togt Executive Assistant - Consulting2010
Sharon Cooper Executive Assistant Consulting2010
Evelyn Tan Associate Director, Corporate Finance20102010
Fiona Murphy Tax Principal20002010
Alan Marshall Senior Manager20082010
Ian Martinus Senior Consultant20092010
Erik du Plessis Analyst, Corporate Finance20072010
Vince Connelly Client Manager20082010
Donna Carrington Senior Manager20062010
Toni Milne Marketing Coordinator02009
Shannon Yujnovich Business Development Manager02009
David Coates Partner2009
Tim Cooper Senior Analyst20052009
Danette Cheung Principal20052009
Claire Newey Assistant Manager, in London20052009
Kylie Hansen Human Resources Coordinator20082009
Craig Byron Director, Corporate Finance2008
Hugh Thomas Head of Corporate Finance2008
Vince Smith Director20072008
Joan O'Reilly Director20042008
Scott Bywaters Manager20072008
Richard Taylor Leader, Private Equity (2006-2008); Partner, Mergers & Acquisitions (1982-2008)19822008
Christian Milau Senior Manager (Canada)20072008
Gunther Hoppe Client Director20072008
Tiffany Roxburgh Client Director19992008
Melvin Wong Executive20072008
Derrick Crowley Director (UK)20072008
Helen Joyce Senior Manager, Corporate Reorganisation Group20082008
David Lynch Senior Consultant20042008
Ross Corbitt Financial Analyst, Corporate Tax and Research & Development20082008
Robert Toms Senior Manager20062008
Ian Crisp Tax Partner02007
Maxine Schleicher Marketing2007
Liz Del Borrello Marketing Co-ordinator02007
Shona Jarvis Executive Assistant Consulting2007
Mark Gover Partner - Assurance & Advisory2007
Samantha Butler PA Corporate Finance2007
Dudley Elliott Partner19882007
Jodi Kerr Manager20052007
David Cavanagh Senior Consultant20032007
Christopher Turner Manager20072007
Dave Andrews Assurance & Advisory20032007
Dean Price Senior Analyst, Corporate Finance20062007
Marcin Swierkowski Client Manager (since 2007)20032007
John O'Gorman Director, Growth Solutions (since 2000)19952007
Mike Mazzella Senior Manager19992007
Dean Hemmingsen Assistant Manager (UK)20052007
Mark Hill Director19992007
Rebecca Hankinson Executive Assistant19962007
Robert Dalton Audit Field Manager, Audit & Assurance20062007
Alex Volante Corporate Finance20012007
Alex Willcocks Manager20042007
Simon Cook Senior Manager of Consulting, Audit, Corporate Finance (UK)20032007
Ross Jerrard Partner - Assurance & Advisory2006
Tom Henderson Partner & Head of Corporate Finance20062006
Leigh-Ayn Absolom Manager20002006
Jamon Johnston Director20012006
Steven McCabe Manager20042006
Martin Carolan Senior Consultant20032006
Patrick Holywell Senior Analyst20032006
Adrian Gurgone Manager20042006
Mark Savich Accountant20042006
Ashley Pattison Director, Corporate Finance20002006
Jillian McCorkindale Tax Manager20002005
Matthew Watson Manager19992005
Chris Mandzufas Client Director, Growth Solutions Division19902005
Nick Hollens Principal20032005
Lisa Dea Senior Manager, Audit19942005
Joann Yong Auditor20022005
Jamie Morton Senior Analyst20012005
Anna Neuling Audit Manager (since 2005)20012005
Leon Devaney Associate Director; Corporate Finance Advisory20002005
Ian Cunningham Manager20022004
Lynsey McDonnell Senior Analyst, Assurance & Advisory20012004
Amy Treble Assistant Audit Manager20012004
David Menarry Director20002004
Lisa Palmer Manager, Corporate Finance20022004
David Powell Partner19932004
Stephanie Allen Manager20002003
Justin Ferravant Senior Consultant20012003
Trent Donnelly Corporate Finance20012003
Gerhard Vorster Managing Partner, Consulting19982003
Robert Ferguson Partner19992003
Deborah Coakley Partner19992003
Daniel Madden Manager (since 2001)19972003
Angie Lidbury Senior Designer20002003
Ivan Vella Manager, Deloitte Consulting19982003
Victoria Allinson Audit Manager20012003
Wayne Basford Client Director20002002
Travis Bate Analyst20012002
Adam Webb Ware Corporate Finance & Audit19972002
Grant Burgess Principal19992002
Sean Powell Senior Analyst20022002
Greg Wheeler Partner19992002
Rae Clark Senior Analyst19972002
Lisa Palmer Audit Manager20012002
Peter Broley Management Consultant19992002
Nick Drizen Manager, Transfer Pricing19982001
Piers Lewis Tax Consultant20002001
Chris Hilbrands Audit Senior19992001
Daniel Ow Tax (Semi-Senior) (Malaysia)20002001
George McCullagh Partner, Consulting19932001
Jorge Dos Santos Partner (South Africa)19772001
Anna Cousins Marketing & Business Development Manager (Greater China)19982001
Honor Dowling Marketing Coordinator20002001
Alison Hodge Marketing Manager, NSW19962000
Janelle Hopkins Auditor19932000
Anthea Guazzelli Marketing Coordinator, Deloitte Consulting (London)19982000
Angeline Hicks Audit Manager19962000
Jane Muirsmith Director of Marketing & Communications ANZ, Head of Public Relations Asia Pacific19931999
Bill Beedie Director, Deloitte ICS Australian SAP Manufacturing & Mining19961999
Angelo Karelis Consultant19931999
John Oesterheld Senior Manager, Tax Services19961999
Damien Nicks Senior Accountant, Audit & Corporate Finance19951999
Ian Henstock Partner-in-Charge, Corporate Finance19971999
Eliya Mwale Auditor (Zambia)19961998
Warren Harding Partner19951998
Brad Kobus Audit Senior (South Africa)19961998
Antony Smithson Auditor, in UK19941998
Frank Terranova Audit Division19941997
Tara Robson Senior Audit Manager (since 1993)19891997
Glenn Butterworth Senior Auditor19921997
Dean Langenbach Senior Accountant19951997
Gavin Hawkins Manager19901996
Warren Linnell Audit Manager19921996
Michael Hillgrove Senior Manager19851995
Bart Vogel Partner, Consulting19821995
Annemarie Papelard Assistant Accountant (Netherlands)19881995
Paul Brittain Senior Manager19871994
Craig Nelmes Manager, Audit & Assurance19881994
Brett Redman Audit Senior19881994
Tim Andrew Audit Senior19911994
Jeff Vibert Partner, Port Moresby Office19901994
Maxim Carling Director, Corporate Finance19911994
Helen Marchesani Audit Manager19871993
Craig Basson Audit Senior19901993
Melinda Nelmes Senior Executive, Audit & Corporate Advisory19891993
Tony Monisse Senior Manager, Taxation & Business Services19901993
Ian Callahan Senior Manager19901993
Jim McKerlie Partner-in-Charge19881993
Mark Tory Senior Auditor19861993
Helen Dyer Accountant19891992
Jeff Dawkins Accountant19911992
Stuart Smith Senior Auditor19881992
Adrian Cook Business Advisor19871992
George McCullagh Director19901992
Stephen Cooper Audit Senior19891991
Jo Greaves Personal Assistant to Managing Partner19891991
Lilian Fisher Senior Accountant (South Africa)19871990
Andrew Watson Audit Supervisor (Glasgow)19871990
Malcolm Peacock Supervisor, Audit & Tax19861989
Simon Read Supervisor19841988
Paul Young Chartered Accountant19781983
Rob Casamento Audit Senior19781983
David Spence Audit Executive19721979
Sharan Uppal Marketing Manager0
Catherine Harris Marketing coordinator0
Danny Petrillo 0
Mary Bui Regional Marketing Analyst0
Paul Klein Partner, Consulting
Bob Colan
Philip Teale Partner, Assurance & Advisory2014
Amanda Wheeler Director, Consulting - Human Capital2015
Michael Gastevich Partner, Deloitte Private (Principal, Corporate Tax 1998-2005)2010
Keith Johns Partner, Deloitte Private2014
Eden Spivakovsky Head of Business Development, Western Australia2016
Jeremy Carlberg Partner, Financial Advisory2016
Joel Stein Manager (since July 2017); (Senior Analyst 2016-2017)2016
Steve Rosich Associate Director
Hendri Mentz Partner, Head of Risk Advisory Perth (since Feb 2018)2008
Stephanie Allen Partner, Global Public Health & Social Care Leader (since 2017)2015
Antoinette Quinlan Partner, Tax2018
Angie Lidbury Director, Consulting2018
Young Chan Yu Senior Advisor; National Leader, Korean Services Group2015
David Brown Lead Partner, Human Capital2009


Project NameRoleCategoryProductCost (Estimated)Status
Morley-Ellenbrook LineSub-contractorsTransportRailway$1,000,000,000Likely>>

ECM Deals

DateCompanyTransaction TypeTotal Value
14/07/17Accountant for New Century ResourcesPublic offer$5.2m>>
29/04/15Accountant for Seven West MediaEntitlement offer$311.0m>>
27/03/15Accountant for Black Rock MiningCapital raising$3.5m>>
04/04/13Accountant for OreCorpShare offer$5.0m>>
27/09/12Accountant for Calibre GroupInitial public offering$75.0m>>

M&A Deals

AnnouncedBidderTargetTransaction TypeTotal Value
14/03/19Advisor for AMP CapitalAsset acquisition$0>>
10/10/18BGH CapitalAdvisor for NavitasAcquisition$2,086.8m>>
20/09/18Advisor for Decimal SoftwareAcquisition$4.4m>>
17/08/18Advisor for Kangaroo ResourcesAcquisition$226.0m>>
01/08/18Paladin EnergyAdvisor for Summit ResourcesAcquisition$7.9m>>


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