Special Reports

Infrastructure investment, marketing to grow agribusiness

Major WA agribusinesses plan new investments to create scale and efficiency, while smaller operators are cooperating to access new markets with niche products.

Collaborating to harvest forests’ value

Local timber businesses have about $100 million of investments in planning as they hope to benefit from demand for environmentally friendly products.

Election set to spark power shift

The looming federal election could mark a big shift in political power, not just in Canberra but also WA.

Power resides where decisions are made

Recent policy disputes have shone a light on political and business influence in WA.

Science world focused on WA as telescopes scan the universe

Free to read: The Square Kilometre Array will provide a boost for science in WA, but there was a point nearly a decade ago where the project could have been lost to the state.

WA’s seven wonders of the resources world

Free to read: Western Australia has been home to mining for centuries, evolving from ochre pits excavated by Aboriginal peoples for rituals, art and ceremonies, to a high-tech industry that can economically supply enormous quantities of resources worldwide. Global leadership in innovation and technology adoption has supported this growth. Here are seven of the best local examples.

Global vision delivers local prosperity

Free to read: Easier movement of goods, capital and people driven by improved technology and economic reform have helped an isolated region become one of the wealthiest in the world. We’ve collated highlights of how WA connects into the global marketplace.

Welcome to Great for the State

As editor of Business News, I’m delighted to introduce a new feature that highlights the best of Western Australia. Great for the State is a 12-page lift-out that will be published each month over the course of 2019.

Entrepreneurs pave global pathways for tech

Free to read: As WA’s tech sector continues to develop, Business News spoke to some of the people helping Perth’s entrepreneurs score wins in global markets.

Outward looking, export focused

Over the years, WA business has finessed its offering, from commodities to services, the arts and sophisticated technologies.

Cyber security a key risk

SPECIAL REPORT: Low awareness of cyber security risks remains a key issue for the business sector.

Rapid tech changes create challenges

SPECIAL REPORT: Staying abreast of rapidly changing business technologies is a growing challenge for many SMEs.

Woodside, Evol aim to fuel ships boom

Tougher emissions standards for ships and a growing need for remote power options for miners could both be a boost for the domestic LNG market.

Contracts, challenges for $60bn of oil and gas projects

SPECIAL REPORT: Major new engineering contracts show momentum is building for $60 billion of oil and gas projects in WA, but the issue of carbon policy has once again created an obstacle.

Resilient developers await market rebound

SPECIAL REPORT: Battered by the biggest downturn to hit the property sector in decades, WA land developers remain in survival mode as they await an expected recovery.

Amex rebrand the latest in shifting landscape

SPECIAL REPORT: After operating for more than 30 years as Amex Corporation, Okeland Communities has embraced its family history by rebranding.

Choice drives LandCorp infill push

SPECIAL REPORT: LandCorp has a busy 2019 ahead of it as it pursues precinct development in some of Perth’s most desirable suburbs.

Disclosure concerns on the rise

SPECIAL REPORT: The information listed explorers disseminate via traditional news outlets and social media is a growing focus of regulators.

Mergers, brownfields projects options for struggling juniors

SPECIAL REPORT: Junior explorers are coming under increasing pressure to merge as tough market conditions hit many in the sector.

Driver, skills shortage not great for freight

SPECIAL REPORT: WA could be about 1,000 truck drivers short at a time the industry believes there are signs of an upswing.

Smart solutions lifting exports at Port Hedland

SPECIAL REPORT: Big data has helped the Pilbara Ports Authority to dramatically increase throughput, in contrast to other ports.