Remuneration and Reward

It's Time for a Fee Correction

BDO’s latest edition of the Explorer Quarterly Cash Update reflects that total exploration expenditure increased by 16% for the quarter ended September 2017, marking the largest exhibited increase in

The Private Company Pay Controversy

 Many private company executives are envious of the equity incentives received by their peers in listed companies, referencing individuals that ‘cashed out big’ for just doing their job.

Low Pay-No Way!

Market Practice 

Good Remuneration is in the Mix

The seemingly biggest issue with executive pay relates to the tenuous link between pay and performance, and the resultant quantum of pay received.

50 Fewer Shades of Remuneration

Over the past 18 months we have seen companies slash costs; reduce head counts and lower salaries. Some of the questions now being asked are:

Is Good Pay Governance Applicable to NED’s?

In this article, we share lessons learnt on factors to consider when setting Non-Executive Directors (NED’s) pay, and propose a transparent approach in defining competitive and defensible remuneration