Vincent Brown

KM elements exposed

In the final instalment of the knowledge management series, Vincent Brown attempts to identify key elements local businesses need to consider when looking to implement the practice in their workplaces.

Key criteria critical

In the fourth instalment of the Knowledge Management series, Vince Brown investigates key criteria organisations can use to measure the validity and suitability of the range of KM services and products available.

Knowledge tools put to the test

In part three of this five-part series Vince Brown investigates software programs that have potential knowledge management applications.

KM spread wide through nation

In, part two of the knowledge management series, Vince Brown examines the extent to which the practice of KM has been adopted in Australia.

Knowledge may be the sharpest tool in the box

In the first of a five-part series on software and information management, Vince Brown examines the role knowledge management is playing in business.

Making an email policy work

THE misuse of email systems by staff is by far the most common email security problem. The potentially devastating consequences associated with the abuse of company email systems highlights the critical importance of developing and implementing a

The hidden dangers of email

THERE can be little argument that electronic mail is a mission-critical and indispensible business tool upon which most enterprises are partially or totally dependent. However, as is often the case with technologies offering significant advantages to

Keeping a close watch

THE main focus of workplace surveillance is employee use of Internet and email facilities, according to studies carried out over the past year.The American Management Association’s 2001 Workplace Monitoring and Surveillance Survey found that the moni...

Privacy exemption change nears

FOR those operating a small business in Western Australia, December 21 may be a date of importance.On that date last year new privacy provisions introduced into the Privacy Act 1988 came into effect.

Cyber cops pound the virtual beat

IN striving to be profitable and competitive, local businesses may often overlook the potential impact of criminal activity, not only on their bottom line, but also on long-term sustainability.

Across-the-board success

IF the annual Asia-Pacific ICT (Information Communication & Technology) Awards are anything to go by, our local companies are right up there with the best in the world.

Bugbear a misnomer

LOCAL business should keep an eye out for a network-aware virus called Bugbear, which is the subject of considerable concern worldwide at the moment.

Making protection work

WHEN connected to the Internet, regardless of whether you are using dial-up or broadband, the following tips should be considered.

High speed means higher risk

SPEED is the primary attraction of broadband services to the business community. ADSL, ISDN and cable allow subscribers to move large amounts of data in a fraction of the time required by analogue dial-up connections.

Considering the options of a business operating system

SMALL to medium-sized businesses have few viable options when it comes to operating systems. In fact, most SMEs believe there are only two.

The complete ICT graduate

STRONG global demand for suitably qualified information and communication technologies graduates has resulted in local universities, TAFE colleges and a wide range of private commercial enterprises producing a significant number of graduates.

IT budget squeeze

THE July 31 deadline for Microsoft’s new bulk licensing scheme has well and truly passed. SMEs that failed to consider the impact of these changes are likely to feel the squeeze on their already bursting IT budgets.