Joseph Poprzeczny

Joseph Poprzeczny has taught politics, economic history and history at three Australian universities and been a researcher/personal assistant to three federal parliamentarians. He has over 30-years experience as a politics and education reporter and columnist and served as research director of Perth Chamber of Commerce. His biography of the 20th century’s major genocidal killer, Hitler’s Man in the East, Odilo Globocnik, was released in the US in 2004 and republished by the Czech Academy of Sciences in 2009.

Labor slides its way back to the field

IT has been a year since Premier Geoff Gallop delivered a stirring election night victory speech in which he claimed Labor had emerged from the wilderness. Minutes earlier, Liberal leader Richard Court had conceded.

McGinty’s hoping its third time lucky in electoral reform stakes

ELECTORAL Affairs Minister Jim McGinty’s fingers are tightly crossed – hoping 13 becomes his lucky number.He desperately needs to deliver on the electoral reform front, otherwise his caucus colleagues will see him as “three-time loser Jim”.

A legacy of accountability and balance

FORMER Labor deputy premier Mal Bryce’s CV is one most Liberal premiers or deputy premiers would envy.

Conservatives’ plan shows lack of control

WA’S Upper House, the Legislative Council, is under attack once again.This time the move against it comes not from the ALP, but from conservatives – Liberals and Nationals – some of whom want it abolished.

Third power rule’s okay for the West

NOW that Attorney-General Jim McGinty and Greens MLC Dee Margetts have wrapped up their deal to boost the size of the Legislative Council from 34 to 36 members, it’s worth considering if WA has too many or too few MPs.

Politics again proves it’s a numbers game

THE wisecrack that “whoever you vote for, a politician always wins” is true by definition.Rarely highlighted, however, is the fact that WA’s State MPs have, in relatively recent times, developed a propensity for boosting their numbers.

Dearth of As on 2001 political report card

CHRISTMAS is a time to relax, eat, drink, and contemplate.Perhaps some in our political parties will even reflect on the year that has just passed.

No gag on deep throat

SOMEWHERE near the bowels of WA’s Liberal Party there’s a Deep Throat (DT), like the one who had Richard Nixon’s White House reeling 25 years ago.

Breaking ties the best option for this union

Breaking ties the best option for this unionLET us not become overly sentimental about possible outcomes of the current calls by Labor MPs to break, or at least markedly weaken, ties between unions and the ALP.

People want a say in presidency

THE push in the 1990s to transform Australia into a republic was driven by a handful of eastern states millionaires and associated activists with a few influential interstate mates.

Labor must be brave to engage voters

LABOR has moved swiftly to replace twice-defeated Kim Beazley, at the same time making frontbench personnel changes in readiness for Election 2004.

Bigger vision needed to see the light on the hill

ON October 5, the day Prime Minister Howard named the election day, I called in at a Liberal campaign office to meet the candidate.Soon after, a Federal MP arrived.“Just heard November 10 is election day,” I said.

Lack of brand loyalty could break Beazley

CERTAIN questions make politicians uneasy.Try asking whether their children attend a State or private school.

Hall’s moniker fails to make the grade

DEPUTY Prime Minister John Anderson yesterday opened the imaginative $21 million Mining Hall of Fame in Kalgoorlie-Boulder, which hopefully will become a significant WA tourism venue.

University management a relevant issue

HARD-EARNED taxpayers? dollars are being eyed-off so hundreds of millions more can be earmarked for universities.Opposition leader Kim Beazley recently released his complicated Knowledge Nation policy document.

Do or die election for Beazley

WA goes into Australia’s first federal election campaign this century with 21 seats at stake – 15 in the House of Represen-tatives and six in the Senate.For the second time, Western Australian Kim Beazley seeks Australia’s top political job.

Court Government leaves Epic legacy

IF WA’s economy is to be internationally competitive, show marked growth and much-needed workforce diversification this century, it’s essential there be access to significantly cheaper energy.

Tax doesn’t help build a solid future for Australia

LAST Sunday I called an acquaintance who lives in a house offering exquisite Swan River views.Nearby are some of WA’s best-situated residences, including Rose Hancock-Porteous’ Prix d’Amour.

Numbers game wheeling and dealing

WA’S five-strong Upper House Greens contingent is turning up the heat on Electoral Affairs Minister Jim McGinty, so much so that if he’s not careful, or shrewd, both Bills

Trade freedom a cause worth fighting for

ALTHOUGH Prime Minister John Howard returned from battered Washington without promises for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the USA, the odds are that one will be signed in the near future.

Day of reckoning nears for Labor leader

WHATEVER date Prime Minister John Howard makes election day, for Labor leader Kim Beazley it’s crunch time.

Numbers stack up for electoral redistribution

ELECTORAL distribution remains a difficult issue whichever political side is in power in WA.The over-arching reason is that WA is one third of Australia – about three times the size of Texas – and unevenly populated.

Accuracy forgotten when remembering the past

CONTROVERSIES occasionally arise over whether a proposed monument – a bust or obelisk – ought to be erected at a particular site on WA’s coast.True, it’s not a burning issue, compared with, say, hospital or education funding.

Accountability needed, not mere posturing

THERE are several ways of viewing WA’s latest mini-political extravaganza, last week’s talkfest, the Drug Summit.

State Scene

GOVERNMENTS find it hard avoiding being secretive and clandestine.

Degree of equity needed for universities

WA has four State-owned universities and one private campus.All offer fee-paying places to overseas students, thereby boosting WA’s foreign exchange earnings.

Scandal broke conservatives’ hold on power

WESTERN Australia’s three conservative parties – Liberals, Nationals and One Nation – are a shabby, rudderless lot.The Liberals are split between three warring factions – the right, center-right and the wets.

Politics Australian style a real family affair

LIKE Aussie Rules, politics is a fast-moving activity and can be played deadly seriously.Usually there are only the numerically astute and the politically redundant, especially during party pre-selection season.

Cheap shots at Aussie subs wide of the mark

IN recent years we’ve been subjected to a stream of apparently insightful reports in Australia’s tabloids claiming the Navy’s six Collins-class submarines were duds.

Does the ‘brain drain’ depend on the amount of tax we’re paying?

IF Labor leader Kim Beazley wins this year’s federal election, a WA-born Prime Minister and WA-born Premier will, at the same time for the first time, govern Western Australians.

Stage is set for Liberal Party showdown

IT’S going to be a battle royale, a huge barney, one hell of a shebang.That’s how most in-the-know party activists are depicting the Liberal State Conference on July 28 and 29, two days after Prime Minister John Howard’s birthday.



Turnbull’s coming for your hard-earned

Taxation ‘reform’ inevitably means Australia’s hard-working mums and dads will be paying more.

Counting the cost of Barnett’s binge

The Barnett years will be remembered for many things, but economic responsibility is not among them.

Lightweight military leaves nation exposed

Canberra’s aversion to pro-active, targeted spending on military hardware has diminished the nation’s role in the region, and will do so in the future.

Rudd not asked to ‘own’ his role

One crucial question was missing from the excellent TV documentary The Killing Season, and it goes to the heart of the matter.

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Counting the cost of Barnett’s binge

The Barnett years will be remembered for many things, but economic responsibility is not among them.

Too few enjoy the lucky country

Fear mongering over the size of Australia’s population is founded in ignorance.

Global warming: humble pie served cold?

Debate is hotting up over longer-term climate trends, historical temperature statistics and a recent expansion of the Antarctic sea ice.

Doing China’s dirty work

With US and Australian investigators’ enthusiastic assistance, China is tracking down corrupt officials’ ill-gotten gains; but the playbook calls for a familiar ending.