Joseph Poprzeczny

Joseph Poprzeczny has taught politics, economic history and history at three Australian universities and been a researcher/personal assistant to three federal parliamentarians. He has over 30-years experience as a politics and education reporter and columnist and served as research director of Perth Chamber of Commerce. His biography of the 20th century’s major genocidal killer, Hitler’s Man in the East, Odilo Globocnik, was released in the US in 2004 and republished by the Czech Academy of Sciences in 2009.

High-density approvals hit

High-density residential approvals in Perth have fallen by more than 60 per cent during the past two quarters.According to the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s (UDIA) latest survey of the Pe

Overhaul prompts safety body

The State Government wants to overhaul health and safety inspection in the mining, petroleum and major hazards industries, proposing to shift responsibility to a new statutory body.

River monitors needed: UWA

A state-of-the-art river water diagnostic system to help monitor algal blooms has been proposed for the Swan and Canning estuaries by the head of the University of WA’s Centre for Water Research, Professor Jorg Imberger.

Invoice financing spurs growth

Buying and selling debts and IOUs continues a growth segment of the state’s financial services sector.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Howardism oversteps mark

John Howard and his senior ministers, all of whom hold interstate seats, show all the signs of embarking upon megalomaniacal bureaucratic practices rather than remaining the levelheaded administrators that Australians rightly expect.

Perth proposal aims for autonomy

Labor’s One Vote One Value legislation means the State’s wealth-creating country and remote regions face the prospects of ever greater favouring of metropolitan Perth, according to urban and regional

Villages to house 40,000 by 2025

National Lifestyle Villages (NLV) has set its sights on establishing 100 self-contained villages across Australia that will house up to 40,000 people over the next 20 years. And it’s well and truly on the way to achieving that goal.

CCI says second hub needed

Western Australia must begin detailed planning for a second major integrated industrial hub to ensure a smooth transition for key heavy industries after the Kwinana Industrial Area fills, says the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Cadby the one that got away

Now that Labor’s One-Vote-One-Value legislation is finalised, let’s consider how parties and voters, the latter allegedly its beneficiaries, have emerged from this drawn-out tussle.

Parties seal Pilbara NT claim

The Pilbara’s firs Native Title determination has been finalised by the Federal Court.

Contract cleaners dirty over cuts

The state’s private contract cleaning sector is bracing itself for an expected 30 per cent plus downturn in business activity after Christmas 2005.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Power the ultimate cost of canal

An exercise worth doing after any election is calculating by just how much the victor has won.

Landholders concerned over CALM conservation proposal

CALM has plans for a massive expansion, including new rules for large tracts of private land, as Joe Poprzeczny reports.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - The numbers don’t do it for Labor

Last month, State Scene outlined how the National Party handed the balance of power in the upper house to the Greens by way of a secret, ideologically contradictory cross-preference deal, rather than ensuring it went to the conservatives, with whom most r

Local role in urban renewal

Moves to fast-track big urban renewal projects across the Perth-Fremantle metropolitan area foreshadowed by Planning and Infrastructure Minister Alannah MacTiernan will not mean the wholesale sidelining of local governments.

Kierath eyes a future beyond BGC

Graham Kierath has resigned as BGC chief Len Buckeridge’s top business and government troubleshooter.Mr Kierath completed a three-year stint with BGC last week and says he is now looking for new chall

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Failure to act may prove costly

With the upper house still debating Jim McGinty’s One Vote One Value Bill, which some Liberal MPs and all Nationals view unfavourably, it’s worth considering several less publicised aspects of the ongoing issue of vote weighting in rural seats.

Birney out of GAS but in driver’s seat

State Liberal leader Matt Birney has sold his stake in the successful Kalgoorlie-based spare parts retailer, Goldfields Auto Spares Pty Ltd (GAS), a business he co-founded 13 years ago as a 22-year old.

Griffin seeks saline water solution

A proposal to drastically slash the annual intake of saline water into Wellington Dam is part of the Griffin Group’s billion-dollar plan for the Collie region, based on an integrated industrial estate at nearby Coolangatta.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - McGinty readies for his final roll

The Gallop Government’s historic One Vote One Value Bill will be debated in the upper house next week, with voting on it to take place a fortnight or so later.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Howard’s a true 1940s Labor man

While the Gallop Government was tabling its One Vote One Value Bill, a Melbourne University institute and The Australian newspaper were jointly hosting a national conference on Australia’s economy.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Conservatives deal themselves out

Lots of conservative-minded city and country Western Australians remain bitter about the Barnett-led Liberals’ needless loss of the February 26 State election.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - No bypass yet but watch Barnett

Defeated Liberal leader Colin Barnett, like his predecessor Richard Court, promptly resigned from the party’s top parliamentary post after losing to Geoff Gallop.

$2.5b petrochemical push

The Department of Industry and Resources (DOIR) is about to make a concerted bid to propel Western Australia into becoming a significant new player in the international petrochemical industry.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Greenough saga takes a new twist

The Mid-West region’s state seat of Greenough, which skirts the northern port city of Geraldton, has a range of claims to fame.

Labor faces its first factional test

The lobbying for parliamentary secretary positions in Geoff Gallop’s second-term government is well under way ahead of next week’s caucus meeting, as Joe Poprzeczny reports. One of the first items for

Mondarra a storage option

A large, three-kilometre deep subterranean basin about twice the size of Perth’s CBD could be the answer to the state’s peak power needs this summer.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Cadby dumping may haunt Liberals

Western Australia’s Liberals have emerged in far worse shape from the February 26 election – at which they attracted 35.6 per cent statewide voter support – than after the February 2001 election when they scored only 34 per cent.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Gang of three distributes the spoils

The English had Richard the Lion Heart, the Macedonians Alexander the Great, the Poles Boleslaw the Bold and even a Boleslaw the Brave.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Time true democrats took a stand

Colin Barnett’s tactically motivated promise to build a $2 billion-plus Kimberley-to-Perth aqueduct wasn’t the most far-reaching conservative promise of the election campaign.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Labor not alone in favouring friends

With Western Australia’s second election of the 21st century just days away it’s worth recapping some of the campaign’s stand-out points and to also consider something that never eventuated.



Turnbull’s coming for your hard-earned

Taxation ‘reform’ inevitably means Australia’s hard-working mums and dads will be paying more.

Counting the cost of Barnett’s binge

The Barnett years will be remembered for many things, but economic responsibility is not among them.

Lightweight military leaves nation exposed

Canberra’s aversion to pro-active, targeted spending on military hardware has diminished the nation’s role in the region, and will do so in the future.

Rudd not asked to ‘own’ his role

One crucial question was missing from the excellent TV documentary The Killing Season, and it goes to the heart of the matter.

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Counting the cost of Barnett’s binge

The Barnett years will be remembered for many things, but economic responsibility is not among them.

Too few enjoy the lucky country

Fear mongering over the size of Australia’s population is founded in ignorance.

Global warming: humble pie served cold?

Debate is hotting up over longer-term climate trends, historical temperature statistics and a recent expansion of the Antarctic sea ice.

Doing China’s dirty work

With US and Australian investigators’ enthusiastic assistance, China is tracking down corrupt officials’ ill-gotten gains; but the playbook calls for a familiar ending.