Joseph Poprzeczny

Joseph Poprzeczny has taught politics, economic history and history at three Australian universities and been a researcher/personal assistant to three federal parliamentarians. He has over 30-years experience as a politics and education reporter and columnist and served as research director of Perth Chamber of Commerce. His biography of the 20th century’s major genocidal killer, Hitler’s Man in the East, Odilo Globocnik, was released in the US in 2004 and republished by the Czech Academy of Sciences in 2009.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Liberals lurch towards poll

THE Barnettled Liberals are heading towards the February 2005 election in what can only be described as a deplorable state.

Can’t buy good role models

THE month of January brings with it several inevitabilities.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: No satisfaction on republic

FEW realise that the Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Standing Committee (L&CSC) is considering “the most appropriate process for moving towards the establishment of an Australian republic with an Australian Head of State”.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Latham breaks the mould

AS it has been two months since Labor’s factional chiefs moved to replace Simon Crean as leader, it’s worth asking whether the change has significantly altered Australia’s political landscape.

Sport and politics proves a heady mix

WITH sport so major an ingredient in Australian cultural life it’s not surprising new Labor leader Mark Latham announced he’d welcome, with “open arms” outgoing Test cricket captain Steve Waugh should he ever seek a political career.

State Scene: Joe Poprzeczny - Big year looms in politics

IF elections, complex internecine party machinations and factional imbroglios aren’t your favourite – and you qualify for long service leave after mid-2004 – take some time off and go interstate or overseas for that long-planned holiday.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: A year of missed chances

A PUZZLING feature of 2003 was the fact that, despite the Liberals being in disarray, and with a weak and unpopular leader, Gallop-led Labor sometimes found itself trailing the conservatives in the polls.

State Scene: Joe Poprzeczny - Rumblings in the hills

SIX months ago a contact close to the Liberals’ parliamentary leadership group told State Scene that Colin Barnett’s number cruncher, Darling Range MLA John Day, was deeply concerned about losing party endorsement.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: Paying for bad politics

THE Australian High Court’s decision not to overturn vote weighting arrangements across WA’s farmland and outback regions is the second time it has rejected Attorney-General Jim McGinty’s approaches on this issue.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: The accountability issue

THE debacle arising from the secretly agreed upon McGinty-Barnett $1.28/vote compulsory vote levy (CVL) plan that consumed so much time and energy, especially within Liberal ranks, rested upon two essential ingredients.

State Scene: Joe Proprzeczny - Out of the political loop

ALTHOUGH politicians work assiduously refining their interview skills, occasions arise when those efforts fail them badly.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Canberra’s call on DLS

EFFORTS to introduce daylight saving (DLS) into WA have failed at three referendums – in 1975, 1984 and 1992 – having been initiated by premiers Sir Charles Court for the liberals, and Brian Burke and Carmen Lawrence for Labor, respectively.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: No guests at this party

THERE’S no law of politics that postulates political parties are essential for the effective operation of our representative form of democracy.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Orwellian vision rings true

MOST of us have either read or know about George Orwell’s prescient and terrifying novel, Nineteen Eighty-Four, which highlights Big Brother Government, an all-knowing, all-powerful overseer.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Labor leads on utility reform

TEN years ago the newly elected Court-Cowan Government received a report from a team headed by CRA’s former chief, Sir Roderick Carnegie.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Quango numbers all Labor

WHILE State Scene rarely bothers analysing parliamentary answers there’s always the chance of an exception arising...

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: Accountability Swiss style

LAST week State Scene highlighted South Australia’s recent Constitutional Convention...

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: Democracy’ ignores voters

ASK any West Aussie if they’re living in a democracy and, Sydney-to-a-brick they’ll say, yes.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: Good jobs at mates’ rates

MOST of us have been told, or have subsequently worked out, that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

State Scene - Joe Poprzeczny: Barnett needs team talk

WITH the next State election likely in mid-2004 rather than early 2005, and set to be a close encounter, it’s worth asking what kind of premier Opposition leader Colin Barnett would make.

Joe Proprezeczny - State Scene: PMs’ fame is fleeting

AUSTRALIAN prime ministers, like democratically elected leaders worldwide, are under constant pressure from published opinion polls that tell voters how leaders are faring between elections.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Polls may point to ballot

LITTLE has improved for the Gallop Government since it passed the half-way mark of its term in office six months ago.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: More power to the people

IT’S sobering to be reminded that there are limits to science, technology and Western engineering marvels such as, say, electricity distribution grids.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Behind political power

ALTHOUGH WA’s 116 State and Federal MPs don’t publicly refer to July as ‘conference month’ they could, because that’s when Labor and the Liberals now hold their annual State conferences.

Joe Poprzeczny, State Scene - Local councils safe for now

WA has its fair share of local government controversies, among them the bizarre Wanneroo Council royal commission.

Joe Poprzeczny - The cost of communicating

POLITICIANS call it informing constituents. Journalists generally dub it, junk mail. Most voters refer to it as propaganda.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Bringing people together

INCREASING numbers of voters claim there’s no real difference between WA’s conservative Liberal and left-of-centre Labor parties.

STATE SCENE - Burke remains a political player and an influence

POLITICIANS can have a devastating effect on language. This was highlighted by George Orwell in his brilliant essay, Politics and the English Language.

State Scence - MPs’ pay out of step

THE re-emergence of former WA Governor Major-General Michael Jeffery as Australia’s top vice-regal promptly raised the question of public

Shopping times debacle

WHEN it comes to the shopping hours issue none of WA’s political parties are worth a crumpet. They either back outdated trading regulations, find excuses not to scrap them or hope the issue goes away.

State Scene - Time enough for Barnett

THE long lead-up to this week’s political bloodletting in Labor’s Federal Caucus room was a Godsend for State Liberal leader Colin Barnett.



Turnbull’s coming for your hard-earned

Taxation ‘reform’ inevitably means Australia’s hard-working mums and dads will be paying more.

Counting the cost of Barnett’s binge

The Barnett years will be remembered for many things, but economic responsibility is not among them.

Lightweight military leaves nation exposed

Canberra’s aversion to pro-active, targeted spending on military hardware has diminished the nation’s role in the region, and will do so in the future.

Rudd not asked to ‘own’ his role

One crucial question was missing from the excellent TV documentary The Killing Season, and it goes to the heart of the matter.

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Counting the cost of Barnett’s binge

The Barnett years will be remembered for many things, but economic responsibility is not among them.

Too few enjoy the lucky country

Fear mongering over the size of Australia’s population is founded in ignorance.

Global warming: humble pie served cold?

Debate is hotting up over longer-term climate trends, historical temperature statistics and a recent expansion of the Antarctic sea ice.

Doing China’s dirty work

With US and Australian investigators’ enthusiastic assistance, China is tracking down corrupt officials’ ill-gotten gains; but the playbook calls for a familiar ending.