Joseph Poprzeczny

Joseph Poprzeczny has taught politics, economic history and history at three Australian universities and been a researcher/personal assistant to three federal parliamentarians. He has over 30-years experience as a politics and education reporter and columnist and served as research director of Perth Chamber of Commerce. His biography of the 20th century’s major genocidal killer, Hitler’s Man in the East, Odilo Globocnik, was released in the US in 2004 and republished by the Czech Academy of Sciences in 2009.

2005 State Election - Secrecy muddies water proposal

The debate about the Liberals’ multi-billion dollar Kimberley aqueduct proposal should be democratically resolved by referendum, says Joe Poprzeczny, with voters – not politicians – deciding whether c

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Move east is a push to the centre

Now that Labor’s all-powerful Sydney-based rightist faction, with which Kim Beazley is associated, has again made him leader it’s worth considering the likelihood of him being successful in his third tilt at the nation’s top job.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Water plan Barnett’s bridge too far?

Liberal leader Colin Barnett has aspired since at least 1990, the year he entered state parliament, to become premier.

Leaders search for inspiration

The Liberal Party’s surprise promise to build a canal to take water from the Kimberley has changed the election dynamic. Joe Poprzeczny reports that one party had to move in what was a dull and boring campaign.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Barnett’s Liberals living in the ’70s

Despite the Latham imbroglio and State Labor’s dismal scores in several opinion polls held late in 2004, a surprisingly large number of senior Liberals – MPs and rank-and-file – believe Gallop-led Labor is still likely to sneak home in the coming election

2005 State Election - Gallop works hard on relaxed visage

The State Labor Party’s election campaign is heavily influenced by Prime Minister John Howard’s campaigning style.

Master strategist on the front foot

Premier Geoff Gallop isn’t the one calling the shots in State Labor’s current election campaign. Joe Poprzeczny considers the role of Labor’s real master strategist who, nearly a decade ago, underwent a Latham-style resignation.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Gallop may yet have more to regret

The headline of a story reporting Premier Geoff Gallop’s recent address to the WA Media Club read: ‘Gallop sorry on taxes as poll looms’.

Bipartisan failure of planning

Both sides of State politics have failed to provide a visionary planning policy for Perth’s CBD, according to a leading urban planner. Joe Poprzeczny reports.

State Scene: Doing a deal on direct democracy

WITH a State election imminent letterboxes will be increasingly stuffed with more unwelcome advertising bumph from parties to convince voters they and their candidates are working for their electorates.

Poll Saturday not too far away

With 19 Saturdays before the next parliament can be convened, Joe Poprzeczny outlines why Premier Geoff Gallop has little choice in the actual election date.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: Labor may rue missed opportunities

“WELL, here we are again” were the words former prime minister Paul Keating uttered when announcing the 1996 Federal election he would lose to John Howard.

Dr Fong aims for smooth delivery

With health expected to be a major issue at the forthcoming State election, the Government has given Dr Neale Fong the job of restructuring the sector. Joe Poprzeczny reports on what is expected from his appointment.

State Scene: Joe Poprzeczny: Another valuable lesson for Labor

IT has been some time since I’ve read anything on America’s brutal Civil War, a conflict that so horrified Australia’s colonial politicians that they responded by enacting the White Australia policy once the colonies had federated.

New State land title plan

THE Gallop Government is considering proposals for a new type of Aboriginal land title in a bid to empower land councils to promote local development.

Tomahawk IPO makes major impact

IN a stellar year for initial public offerings, four of the top IPOs in Australia in 2004 had a Western Australian connection.The best performing IPO was Perth-based Tomahawk Energy, which raised $2.5

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Hal Colebatch’s influence lives on

WESTERN Australians quickly forget former premiers. Thankfully Perth author and poet Hal Colebatch, son of WA’s shortest-serving premier Sir Hal Colebatch, reminds us of his father’s efforts and achievements in a recently released biography.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Loose connection in Labor’s plans

IT’S no secret that Prime Minister John Howard and his inner Liberal sanctum want Labor’s Mark Latham to stay on as Labor leader for as long as possible.

Preferences to determine result

LABOR and Liberal campaign strategists expect the preferences of Western Australia’s six minor parties to play determining roles in deciding the outcome of February’s State election.Both have conclude

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - What odds Rudd v Abbott in 2007?

Earlier this year Perth hosted a weekend conference convened by the conservative public affairs group, the Samuel Griffith Society.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Labor shops for referendum votes

Does Geoff Gallop’s surprise decision to call a two-part shopping hours referendum for election day show that Western Australia, at long last, has a democratically inclined premier?

Marginals key in State race

In the lead-up to the State election, Joe Poprzeczny looks at some of the issues and battlegrounds on which the campaign will be fought.

Outdated practices stifle research: report

Administration of the State’s budding medical research sector must rely on more precise management practices to help ensure maximum overall benefits, according to an Office of Auditor-General’s (OAG)

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Bipartisan failure on energy policy

An elated Energy Minister Eric Ripper has announced Western Power’s 25-year billion-dollar deal for transmission of North West Shelf gas to Perth for electricity generation.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Howard’s way a bit Whitlamesque

As the Howard years – which began in March 1996 with John Howard’s crushing of Mark Latham’s mentor and hero, Paul Keating – have rolled on, some Liberals have become noticeably concerned.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Labor infighting just ain’t cricket

A Recurring Australian political ritual after each Federal and State election is what journalists dub as the haemorrhaging or blood letting, even though our politics, thankfully, are too civilised for anything to actually flow.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Liberal bright sparks look for election edge

With so many aspirational voters in Western Australia – to use Mark Latham’s borrowed term – deserting Labor on October 9 it’s little wonder Geoff Gallop’s boffins are reassessing his provisional plan to call a December 2004 State election.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Pollies have us over a pork barrel

Thankfully Australia’s 2004 general auction, oops, sorry, election, is over.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - State to Federal an old strategy

Western Australia’s Labor Party is persisting in slotting State MPs into contests for Federal parliamentary seats.

Joe Poprzeczny: State Scene - Howard, Latham in shame game

Federal election 2004 will be memorable for several reasons, not least, the clash between the Lying Rodent, Prime Minister John Howard’s latest nickname, and the Road Rager, as Liberal Canning MHR, Don Randall, has dubbed Labor leader, Mark Latham.

Joe Poprzeczny - State Scene: A historic opportunity to reform

Last week’s State Scene lifted the veil on the unwitting moves by Premier Geoff Gallop and Energy Minster Eric Ripper that are helping Alinta further tighten its stranglehold over Western Australia’s domestic and industrial gas markets.



Turnbull’s coming for your hard-earned

Taxation ‘reform’ inevitably means Australia’s hard-working mums and dads will be paying more.

Counting the cost of Barnett’s binge

The Barnett years will be remembered for many things, but economic responsibility is not among them.

Lightweight military leaves nation exposed

Canberra’s aversion to pro-active, targeted spending on military hardware has diminished the nation’s role in the region, and will do so in the future.

Rudd not asked to ‘own’ his role

One crucial question was missing from the excellent TV documentary The Killing Season, and it goes to the heart of the matter.

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Counting the cost of Barnett’s binge

The Barnett years will be remembered for many things, but economic responsibility is not among them.

Too few enjoy the lucky country

Fear mongering over the size of Australia’s population is founded in ignorance.

Global warming: humble pie served cold?

Debate is hotting up over longer-term climate trends, historical temperature statistics and a recent expansion of the Antarctic sea ice.

Doing China’s dirty work

With US and Australian investigators’ enthusiastic assistance, China is tracking down corrupt officials’ ill-gotten gains; but the playbook calls for a familiar ending.