John Nicolaou

Challenges demand clear response

Business must scale down the investment cliff, not jump and hope for the best.

Business confidence needs boost

Business confidence in the Western Australian economy has fallen further this quarter, to levels not seen since the GFC, according to the latest Westpac-CCI Survey of Business Expectations.

Recession talk fails fundamentals test

Recent data packaged up by a number of commentators suggest that massive levels of resources investment is now over and tough times lie ahead for Western Australia.

WA’s growth profile is shifting from mining

The dynamics of Western Australia’s growth profile are set to change in coming years as consumers step up their spending.

Confidence emerging as 2013 unfolds

After another 12 months riding on the back of the resources sector, 2013 is shaping up as a year in which consumers will have an important role in the nation’s economic fortunes.

Private sector can help meet infrastructure needs

Both the federal and state budgets, due next month, are forecast to hold little joy for investment in business and industry.

Jury still out on impacts

Julia Gillard was right earlier this week when she said her government had a lot of explaining to do about its proposed carbon tax.

WA still a powerhouse

DESPITE the global credit crunch, which has wiped trillions of dollars off international share markets and made it more difficult for business to borrow money, Western Australia has again recorded another stellar year of growth, and the outlook remains st

China’s short march to modernisation

As an economist I have closely studied the rise and rise of China for a number of years, but it was not until I set foot on Chinese soil that I truly understood the enormity of what’s occurring in this rapidly developing country.

Resources investment driving future growth

WA has certainly become the ‘state of excitement’, as a result of its remarkable growth record in recent years.

Outlook: boom times set to continue

The Western Australian economy has gone through an exceptional phase of economic growth and development over the past four years, and has gained further momentum so far in 2006.

Powerhouse will need to diversify

Western Australia’s economic expansion over the past four years has made it the economic powerhouse of the nation.


Challenges demand clear response

Business must scale down the investment cliff, not jump and hope for the best.