Geoff Brayshaw

Dry season a threat to eastern grain growers

Despite good prices for wheat and barley, poor rainfall and late frosts in some growing areas signals more tough times on WA farms.

Slavery campaign creates business challenge

How many companies can vouch for the ethics of every business in their global supply chain? A new campaign will require many smaller businesses to do just that.

Sector split on wheat market deregulation

Opponents of further changes to wheat marketing and export need only look to the evolution of the telecommunications industry to see the benefits of deregulation.

Boom manufacturer moves with the times

The second part of our series on farming focuses on a successful equipment manufacturer in the Wheatbelt town of Narembeen.

Innovation a farmer’s friend in the battle to mitigate risk

The first part of a series on farming looks at some of the important innovations in broadacre cropping in recent years.