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Refresh looks to $3m IPO.

Malaga bottled water company Refresh hopes to raise $3 million through a public offer to fund an expansion into the eastern seaboard water market.

Skill lack to stunt growth

THE economic development of Western Australia will be curtailed over the next few years through nothing more than the lack of skilled labour.

Financial Resources seeking more cash

WESTERN Australian non-bank finance outfit Financial Resources Limited is seeking to raise additional working capital of $1.45 million, which can be extended by a further $1 million.

Tank sales on the rise

WHETHER it is a newly awakened environmental conscience or the lure of government money that is playing on the minds of Western Australians, water tank sales are on the rise.

Rebates top $1.4 million

IN the three months since the inception of the Waterwise Rebate Program by the Western Australian Government, more than $1.4 million has been provided in rebates to more than 11,000 applicants.

Cultural synergy a key to motivation

In part four of a six-part series on motivating employees, Gary Kleyn considers ways to attract quality staff and fit them into a firm’s culture.

Ethical way less risky

BUSINESSES around the world are either being dragged into, or have become willing participants in, a drive to improve their social and environmental performance.

Hybrids steal IPO thunder

WITH the share market no longer the automatic cash cow for backers of initial public offerings that it once was, the number of new offerings has continued to slide.

Most local IPOs fail to fire

WESTERN Australia remained a dominant player among Initial Public Offering hopefuls in the past year, though most of the local IPOs were of insignificant monetary value and performed less than glamoro

Uni land sale closer

EDITH Cowan University has moved a step closer to realising an estimated $40 million windfall, with the Western Australian Government’s release of proposed amendments to the metropolitan region scheme.

Gleneagle to list

WITH gold prices remaining at historical highs, Gleneagle Gold Limited, a new company led by chairman Tony Brennan and managing director Ian Prentice, is hopeful of raising $5 million through the issue of 25 million, 20 cent shares.

Packaging happiness

In the third of a six-part series, Gary Kleyn considers non-monetary means of attracting and keeping quality staff.

Easier ethical choices

In the second instalment of a five-part series on ethical investment Gary Kleyn considers the methods used when making an ethical investment choice.

Oilex treading the boards

THE chase for oil, with the price hovering at historical highs, continues this month with yet another Western Australian company seeking a public listing on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Data results show confidence rising

ECONOMIC data released over the past week indicates that executives are particularly bullish about their future business prospects despite SARS, terrorism and an United States economy that is prey to deflationary pressure.

Pastries hit the Asian mark

CORICA Pastries has been a household name for the Italian and Greek community since it was founded by Giuseppe (Joe) Corica in 1957. Yet, it is sweet-toothed South East Asians who have surprisingly emerged as the company’s more loyal customers.

New association formed to put the case for home-based businesses

The lot of small home-based businesses can be a hard one but a new association is hoping to change all of that. Gary Kleyn reports.

Home perfect starting place for some

OPERATING a small business from home need not come at the expense of success.

Agribusiness returns wanting

A SURVEY has found that just eight managed investment schemes are making a return for investors. However, of these, half were offering returns above the forecast amount.

Tourism checks its cards after new zone reshuffle

THE tourism industry is facing a significant reshuffling of the cards at both the Federal and State level which the industry is hoping will result in a more focused marketing drive.

Payment options can prove a driver

Motivating employees is about providing staff empowerment. This week Gary Kleyn considers the effectiveness of using payments and bonuses to staff to achieve this aim.

Historically ethical

Over the next five weeks Gary Kleyn considers ethical investments, starting with a look at the history of ethical investments.

Some days are diamonds

FRESH from a landmark court battle, Flinders Diamond Limited has reached a farm-in agreement over two diamond exploration projects in the north of Western Australia.

Shift in housing attitude

DECIDING whether to build or buy a home or investment property can be a difficult choice, as Gary Kleyn reports in the final of a two-part series on property.

Shop success easily booked

IMAGINE putting your feet up in a hotel room and ordering your favourite book and a bottle of wine through room service. Sound good? Well that is exactly the service a young Perth entrepreneur hopes to provide to hotel chains around Australia.

Portman faces island problem

HAVING finally won approval to mine the northern tenements in its Koolyanobbing Iron Ore Project near Southern Cross, Portman now faces another environmental issue.

Staff inattention can cost

In the first part of a six-part series on staff motivation, Gary Kleyn reports on ways to motivate and invigorate workers. ONE of the biggest traps a business can fall into is to begin taking its staff for granted.

Migrants on notice

BRITISH migrants are on notice with both the UK and Australia considering implementing legislation that will have a dramatic impact on the value of pensions and the tax consequences of transferring them.

Forestry player back in action

MACHINES at a controversial saw-milling operation in Oldbury, 30 minutes south of Perth, are being turned back on again this week after being bought back out of the hands of liquidators by the original founders and investors.

Australian ‘hi-tech canary’ to save the lives of miners

AUSTRALIAN scientists have developed new technology that could save lives lost in mining accidents around Western Australia and throughout the world.

Effects of dairy deregulation coming home to roost for farmers, shoppers

A NEW report into Western Australia’s dairy industry warns of dire consequences for producers if the price of milk at the farm gate does not improve significantly.


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Tough times tipped for growers

Grapegrowers and wineries will be feeling the squeeze over the next few years if predictions by the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics (ABARE) prove correct.

Wine sales rise slowly

15.9 million litres of Australian produced wine worth $82.3 million was exported in February according to new Australian Bureau of Statistics figures released recently.

Buildings increase

Building approvals in WA increased by 0.9 per cent in February, taking it 4.6 per cent above the recent lowpoint of October 1998.

Thumbs up for budget

WA business leaders and academics have given this Federal Budget the big thumbs up. In Perth, more than 130 business leaders and academics were treated to an analysis of the Budget at a Committee for Economic Development of Australia briefing.