David Deane-Spread

David is a 25-year CEO coach veteran and founder of Metattude, a boutique consultancy from which he delivers his coaching and training programs for senior leaders, based in Perth, Western Australia.  He is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council.

David honed his skills in the ADF, law-enforcement and another discreet agency where he led and developed covert operators in high risk-high stakes operations.  

He later transitioned to leading private and public companies in Australia and Europe prior to following his passion for helping senior leaders be the best versions of themselves.

David’s clients are from across all sectors of government and commerce, nationally, and since 2002 has been a 100% repeat and referral-based business.  Many of his clients have been with him for most of their careers.

David also founded Datajak Greyman Stud, where he breeds Murray Grey cross Brahman cattle for our northern and hard country herds.

David is easy to find on LinkedIn (he’s the only David Deane-Spread on the planet) and on his website Metattude.com.

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